Debunking AGI Myths

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Debunking AGI Myths

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:58 pm

Some people think that AGI is broken for them/etc etc. I want to point out first:
-The only hidden AGI values come from classes currently. For example, Zerkers has a flat -1.5 negative bonus on DODGING (not hitrate). This means if they have 22 AGI, when they go to dodge it will become 20.5 AGI.
-The base AGI formula is: Chance = 40 + (LevelDifference * 2.5) + (AGIDifference * 2.25)
-There is no current divinity AGI bonus, but there will be in the next update.

I think alot of problems comes because the system is rather RNG'y. It's harder to determine that 50% Hitrate or Dodge is 50%, just by a few fights. When you get to about 5k hits though, your actual average should be very close to what your actual hitrate is. I will explain this with a chart: ... edit#gid=0

Click 'Change this to rerun script' To #1 and #2 to refresh the randomizer and give you different numbers. The hit rate is meant to be 60% here. You can see if you only take the first 20 numbers, the variance is ALOT higher (you might see 80%, 20%, etc). If you take the first 50 numbers, the variance often is a bit less, etc etc up to 5000 hits, where the variance is almost nothing, and you will see very close to 60% every time. It doesn't mean that these numbers WILL always be varied, you could hit the number too, BUT often when you refresh the list multiple times you will see a heavier variance on the lower ones, and the lower it gets, the bigger the number will pull from 60% in the -/+. It is like if you toss a coin 10 times. Though you know the average is 50%, for those 10 times you toss it, it most likely will not be, it will vary hard until you toss it 1000 times.


On top of this, I can record hit/dodge rates. I did so on three characters that were claimed to 'have issues'. Unfortunate, only one character seemed to be used. We will call this character, 'A'. This is I believe a couple months of data and it is split depending on the defenders AGI. The attacker always had 22 AGI in these. I removed 24/25 agi because there was only a handful or two and would not give any close to the number we want. ... edit#gid=0

Though it's not spot on the numbers because some of these are only in the hundreds of attacks, you 'can' see the drop when the defenders AGI get higher. It seems to be on pair with how AGI should be, and is probably easier to realize once you see the data, rather then just doing it in your head or per fight. ;) I'm not sure what else to do at this point to get the point across. This is literally data from the game. If anyone else doesn't believe the AGI and uses a character very often enough to get data in a month or two, feel free to ping me and I will add it too you for recording.

The other issue could also be that some STR vs AGI might not be proper balanced and probably still needs tiny tweaks. Aka a claim that AGI means nothing might be because they may die most of the time due to lack of damage but the other race has more and kills him even though he misses more than you do. That is more of a balance issue though. RNG is also a pain in the butt sometimes and you get very bad luck or very good luck, even as a ling. Maybe eventually we'll make something less RNG but it would have to make sense.

Hope this helps. I don't think I can get the point across to certain people, but you should always make up your mind yourself on things like this. I can understand there is room for coding errors, but this has been checked time and time again, it's correct. 8)

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