Crystal Smash Update 7-27-19

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Crystal Smash Update 7-27-19

Postby Lateralus » Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:42 pm

It's time to spice up crystal smash! Changes were made for a few reasons.

1. Spice things up make them more interesting for more classes
2. It was somewhat favoring casters classes maybe not favoring them but since they are the strongest in pve already we needed to add some wis to make it more tempting to take other classess
3. Make it a bit more of a challange rather than just run the highest dps and win. before it was built for low levels in mind. now that its pretty much 25 only we can make it a bit harder and exciting
now you may want to think about taking a healer or balance class rather than ram with zerker dm nonstop

Crystal Smash Changes

Centar - More MR, Damage
Skeletal Pup - higher level damage wis attack agi, more crystals possible to drop
Mini Mosq - higher level much higher attack agi and dodge agi higher wis, slightly higher crystal drop
Fairy - higher wis, removed blind, added ff
Deer - higher dodge slightly higher damage

Crystal Burglar Added - power level inbetween expert and master burglar but lower hp
Crystal Spectra Added - power level lower than vengeful spectra but lower hp
Scattered Spirits of power/protection for power ups

*Burglar and Spectra drop crystal pouches as well (open these to find crystals)

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