Community Event: Gathering Magical Dust! August 1st to August 15th (Or Completed)

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Community Event: Gathering Magical Dust! August 1st to August 15th (Or Completed)

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:48 pm

This is the second community event. As such, there may be issues and we will resolve them as quick as we can!

Alvina Maven is back and needs your help! It seems that many creatures seem to be sprinkled by something she is calling 'magical dust'. Gather up this dust and return it to Alvina Maven. She may be able to find out who and why is doing this... And ultimately, if they are friendly!

Speak to Alvina in Seamoor City - World Event Center (Near the Test Arena/Mayor's Office). Alvina will accept any magical dust you find! The more dust everyone finds, the better the global rewards you will get! On top of that, we will be awarding players for individual rewards as well!

Community Rewards: The more dust returned, the more everyone will benefit from this! These boosts will be applied after the event and will last 1 week.
Unlock Level 1: 1600 magical dust given - 5% XP/Gold Boost!
Unlock Level 2: 3200 (+1600) magical dust given - 10% XP/Gold Boost!
Unlock Level 3: 6400 (+3200) magical dust given - 15% XP/Gold Boost!, 25% More PP in Events
Unlock Level 4: 12800 (+6400) magical dust given - 20% XP/Gold Boost!, 50% More PP in Events, ??? Unlock
Unlock Level 5: 25600 (+12800) magical dust given - 35% XP/Gold Boost!, 100% More PP in Events, ??? Unlock, Additional 5PP per day (one week).


You will get a book when you hand in your first magical dust which displays some information. All the magical dust gathered count as a total. AKA if you give 3000 dust and someone else gives 300 dust, thats 3300 dust total which would unlock level 2.

During this community event, rewards will be awarded to everyone that participates. YOU NEED AT LEAST 100 DUST GIVEN TO BE GIVEN THE PARTICIPATION REWARD. Rewards are based on each player's participation.
1st place: 1 Free Item Rename OR 1 Month Gold Premium + Unique Heavy Armor - Mysteriously + Legendary Boots + Legendary Gloves + 4% EVIL Ember
2nd/3rd place: 1 Free Character Lookover Desc + Unique Heavy Armor - Radiant + Purple Boots + Purple Gloves + 5% Divinity Ember
Top 25% players and above: Blue Boots + Blue Gloves + 5% Divinity Ember
Top 50% players and above: Blue Boots + Blue Gloves + 4% Divinity Ember
Participation award (100 dust or more): Blue Boots + Blue Gloves

(Boots/Gloves will have a small effect!)

Prizes will be given out to the FIRST CHARACTER ON YOUR CHARACTER LIST. Do not worry, you can move the items freely on any of your alts. The items are NOT BOUND and it is only so we can deposit to your account automatically via your most active character! You will have to bind it yourself!


This event will run from August 1st 2019 at reset, to August 15th 2019 at reset. So two weeks! The event will be stopped sooner if unlock level 5 (25600 magical dust given) is complete earlier than August 15th, so try to get your dust in before then! You can give them one at a time, or in stacks! Just be sure to do it in time!

Good luck adventurers!

Note: Everyone can participate in this. There are no restrictions.
Note #2: Dust cannot be traded. It is account soulbound when you pick it up and cannot leave your account. You can still gather in groups though.

There is now a way to track how many dust you have given, but still no leaderboard (though it's still up in the air if we want this anyways.)

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Re: Community Event: Gathering Magical Dust! August 1st to August 15th (Or Completed)

Postby NiteHawk » Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:04 am

Hello folks!

The event has been completed and 25600 dust was recovered! However, we will continue with giving dust to Alvina so you can gain a couple rewards if you haven't started or didn't achieve some rewards.

-If you have not participated get at least 100 dust in to get your blue boots/gloves!
-If you get in at least 216 dust you will get the bonus participation reward, which will be the same as the top 50% (216 dust was the lower end of the top 50%).

You have until the 15th to complete this and get your participation reward and bonus reward. If you have 216 dust or more, you do not need to return any dust as you will already get as least the top 50% reward (or better!). Winners will be announced on the 15th or 16th. Awards will follow as well. Community bonuses will be activated with announcement as well! Great!

Thanks guys for participating. We know this event ended earlier than expected, we will be adjusting any new community events to handle this better. For now however you can at least get some rewards still if you haven't participated!

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