Holiday Event Proposal

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Holiday Event Proposal

Postby Whitestar » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:48 pm

This Event will be Hosted over 5 days it will consist of different events from Random moshes to specific but will be announced as Holiday Mosh Event ___.
The event will be hosted late between 8-11pm server.

Every day the pot will increase 10 prestige.
Every person joining the Days event will increase the pot 2 prestige.
1 prestige from the pot for every member will be used to award the days event.
(so a 3v3 winners would get 1 prestige a 7 man Hide and Kill would award 6 total for kills and 1 for winning)

All Holiday Mosh Events will require only items on the list mentioned below. if its not listed you may not use it. (the list is comprised of Xmas Items only)
All events will be hosted in NO DROP Arena's.

On the last day the pot will be split between all people attending (must have attended at least 1 Holiday Event previously). They may then walk away with the prestige or participate in the Holiday final battle. Attending the Final Battle will require anteing their allocation into the days pot. i will increase the pot 5 prestige per person remaining. (So if you got 10 that day 8 players remaining would ante their 10 amount making 80 prestige +40 bonus making the new pot 120 prestige)

Holiday Final Battle will be a tourney
Will be KoTH Styled to determine 4 victors (Winner of first moves on then all contestants return for another round until have our 4)
4 Victors will matchup for 1v1 battles
Will be Best 2 outta 3
Final 2 will be best 3 outta 5

1st place will receive 40% of the pot
2nd place will receive 30% of the pot
3rd place will receive 20% of the pot
4th place will receive 10% of the pot

I'm thinking of hosting the event over January 8th to the 12th

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