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Postby NiteHawk » Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:37 pm

-Faes are highly experimental. They have many racial bonuses, and +1 attack. I don't know where there END should be just yet, it will probably go up, but I'm starting lower for now. I'm not sure how we'll go with this race or if we'll completely revamp it, but it's a trial/test. Worse case if it sucks we'll make something more generic and less 'out there', but we'll see for now.

-Druids got a racial change if you check your telegram box for the item. The item can only be used by the person it is SB'd to. If you drop it for some reason and lose it, it's your fault. Druids got a hefty revamp on how they work. Check the dev log for details on them, but Cat has lower damage from before, but +1 attack. They have two attack based abilities (bleed which the chance is based on AGI/extra attack chance) so I'd say they are pretty attack based now. Bears are defense based, but are pretty similar to before bar being even tankier. They have defensed based abilities (/roar and a passive deflect ability which the chance to deflect is based on END. Works both on magical/physical attacks too). Since everything is charisma based you should be able to make a rather tanky bear that /roar works well with.

-If you want decent FF, go with higher Charisma races. FF will make the user fumble hide instead of outright blocking them. This does mean they can either just not hide during like before, or take a chance. Failing does mean a lost attack though so it can play to your benefits. With high charisma, they could fail a few times in a row and would be better off just attacking. I know 'OMG HARD COUNTER', but it was too rough, if we ever want to chance classes I think these shutdown counters need to go.

-Remember, healing/etc is all charisma based now for Druids. On top of that, it will be hard to both go for a very tanky druid that can deal with magic users better in bear form (END/CHR abilities), or all out attack in cat form with extra attack chances/bleed effects (AGI abilities). It doesn't mean you'll 'suck' at it, but you'll be better in one form or the other, or you can go for an average of the two if you feel. Both forms have their uses, it'll be up to you to chosoe what is the best

-Druid stat chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=0

-Dispel is interesting. It will need heavy balancing on how it works. The more int (or char for druids) you have, the better chance you have at stripping more spells. Druids strip both positive and negative spells, Clerics only strip negative. I'll probably have to make it harder to 'pierce' but I'm not sure how much by yet, as it might be too easy obviously. Feel free to give input on this.

-Knights got a pretty nice buff, it might be too overpowered, don't know yet, we'll see! You'll see extra deflect AC when equipping shields too now, as they get 25% more AC from shields. Tougher choices now! You'll be happy to see that /smash actually removes a decent amount of INT now if you have good charisma. This should make any spell caster sweat a bit in parties if you can smack him 8)

-Gnomes are obviously a bit overpowered, they been changed. I wanted to try this first before we change stats. They get -1 to allocation, so you'll need to reallocate, sorry! It's not a big change, but together with no fizzle loss (many races don't get it) it does make them still the heavy spell damage users, but maybe not the best choice now for everything. Elves get no fizzle rate now, and a low food/pot cooldown modifier, which progresses with HE (middle) and Human (small fizzle rate modifier, higher food/pot cooldown modifier). We'll see how this progresses through testing!

-Monks, ooo boy this will need balanacing with stances. They should be fun though. You can pick up to three stances, so pick wisely. We will balance once we see what everyone is really going for and why. Should be a hoot, eh? Stances should be fun, thats all I have to say about it! Check the stances in game for details at a monk guild. Flash bombs are pretty much like /hide and work pretty good. One stance will boost the effects of flash bombs duration too.

-Archers got some buffs. Nothing more. They needed them I feel, hopefully this makes them more useful. Should make them fairly interesting,

-Sorcs, same thing, got buffs. Barrage will be interesting to see, specially in groups. They go through /protect and even deal more damage to protected targets. Might make some people sweat, who knows, we'll see. Their hideout is a one way trip and is located near Alderra. We will expand on this but it's a start for now.

-Necros lost their END buff. It was way to op with leech/zombie leeching pets already. They aren't meant to be total tanks on top of leech effects. Was a bad call last update, so it's gone now. Sorry 8)

-Dwarves now only take 25% of the negative effect hit. For example, if SAP would strip 4 str, instead, it will only strip 1 str. So it's a negative effect reducer for them.


There are alot of changes for server/client fixes. I might of missed some in the dev log and I apologize, but most should be for the better. If you still get issues like the account manager hiding in the background of a window when opening, or when resizing the window it locks up permanently (i know it's slower to resize on some computers, thats not the issue, talking about a full lock) let me know!

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Re: Changes (More In Depth)

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:56 am

Btw guys when we are talking about fizzle rates, when we say 60% fizzle rate, its bsaed on the current fizzle rate of an item. Generally most int will max out fizzle rate at level 25, unless your terrible and have like 10-14 int, but most spells have a cap between 2% to 5% fizzle rate depending on the level of the spell, higher gets the 5% generally

So if it says 60% fizzle rate decrease, then your looking at 5% * 0.4 which is now 2% fizzle rate. Fizzle rates are pretty low, it sometimes might not feel that way, but it is :>

For faes, they are the only class that also gets a pierce rate bonus too. Means their spells hit better. I know it's possible they might hurt as casters, but that's a different issue. (MR and all that). I don't think they are really great as druids though, fighters are OK, healers are pretty good, casters are good too. Maybe hiders if you have no one searching for 3 backstabs, or monks.

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