Fight who!?

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Fight who!?

Postby Elvis » Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:20 pm

I will warp players in "Will need an even number for this to work" I will then /randplayer and either send east or west. Until each side is full. Once each side is full then we will begin. I will go to each side and RANDOM a person to go to the middle "DO NOT START FIGHTING until I get back to the middle" 1 person from each side randomly picked so I won't know you won't know...Fight whooo? You will not know a div, a class NOTHING muwahaha!

2 heals per fight
no FF.
Pre *BUFFS only* i.e no fading before the fights.
No moving off the square.
No double hiding.
Elvis! The one and Only KING! P.S - Remember that!

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