What route should we take for 25+?

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What route should we take for 25+?

Postby NiteHawk » Mon May 18, 2020 6:22 pm

25+ is going to be a little different. It won't be the same scaling as it is now (If we just let the levels continue up to level 50 there would be huge problems with PKing and lots of balance issues personally.) Instead it will be handled differently:

-You won't have to reset your character in any way, this will continue. Rebirthing is annoying and I want players to continue enjoying their characters as they are. Leveling will not scale as it does above, so you won't keep getting huge amounts of strength, HP, etc.

-Of the 25 levels, 20 of them should give you 0.1 stat points to a stat you want, and 5 levels will be ability boosts, skill boosts, etc. You will be able to put a maximum of +1 stat to one point. You can put it into a stat you already +1'd as well, consider this separate from that. I understand people might be worried about a stat boost but I'm honestly fine with a little bit of fun. This won't really break the game.

-There may be a small HP bonus based on ENDURANCE but it won't be like it is now. (Maybe 100-125 HP with 25 endurance at level 50).


That is the general layout, it's pretty basic and it should work fine. However we have two options for how the additional skills work. I will explain both of them very quickly.


OPTION 1: First up, we have the branching class system. When you hit level 25 (ignoring current class names, we will adjust them for people if we go this route so they can pick) you will pick between two classes. For example, let's take a Ranger. A ranger can become either a Stalker or a Wanderer (just a temp name example.)

A stalker is focused on pets and pet buffs. Some things you may gain here is +2 to your maximum pet count, pets are 5-10% more effective, better pet healing, and an ability to apply a buff on a summoned NPC (For example, strength buff, +2 str but -2 agi).

A wanderer is focused more on PVP. For example, /tracking may be better. Gains a skill called /mark which marks the enemy and all NPCs in the room focus on them more, similar to a taunt but added on the enemy (not as strong, maybe only 2x or 3x). A marked target deals less damage to you, and you deal a little more damage to them. Takes a full stamina bar to mark perhaps.

As you level, you will unlock skills or boosts for your selected class. It's more linear but a little more balanced then the next option.


OPTION 2: Second up, we have a branching skill tree system. Instead of class branching, every 5 levels you get to pick between two options for bonuses/skills/etc. For example, looking at the above example for Ranger:
-Level 30: Pick between +2 maximum pets or a better /tracking system.
-Level 35: Pick between 5% more pet effectiveness + a skill that buffs your pets, or gain a skill called /mark (explaination above)
-Level 40: Pick between dealing 5% more damage on your PVEs favored enemies or 5% more damage on your PVP favored enemy.

This allows more customization, harder to balance but could be more fun. It also makes it harder to tell what someone has but this could be a good thing or bad thing, depends how you see it. I would probably only have two options per 5 levels, so same as above with two classes, to keep it simple.


I think both hold merits and are strong on their own, but I'm interested to know that way the community might like more. Thanks!

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