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Remnants are the crystalized essence of elemental power that forms within certain creatures in the world. Typically, they form within the strongest creatures in an area. Not all creatures are capable of having Remnants even though they may be very strong.

Below is a listing of confirmed monsters that will drop Remnants. Their drop rate varies but appears to be over 50% of the monsters killed do drop a Remnant.



Name Location
Blackspawn Guard Abandoned Raider Camp
Cusith Northern Rock Plateau
Dracokin Dreadlands
Dwarven Berserker Dwarven Mountain
Ghast Ghost Ships (Kraken Bay)
Gnoll Priest Fort Ellison
Haltija Northern Rock Plateau
Mugger Farmlands (roads around) (basement)


Name Location
Cursed Looter Abandoned Raider Camp
Dwarven Brigand Dwarven Mines
Gnoll Berserker Fort Ellison
Satyr Ruins of Seta
Sea Serpent Kraken Bay
Turkey Buzzard Farmlands (roads around)
Void Elemental Dreadlands
Yeren Northern Rock Plateau


Name Location
Grassland Lion Northern Rock Plateau
Guard Dog Islands around Kraken Bay
Raider Scout Abandoned Raider Camp
River Turtle Northern Rock Plateau
Rotting Dead Wiken Graveyard
Rustler Farmlands (roads around)
Swashbuckler Islands around Kraken Bay
Vila Trap Dreadlands


Name Location
Dreadbeast Dreadlands
King Cobra Northern Rock Plateau
King Scorpion Dwarven Mines
Misty Wolf Farmlands (roads around)
Poltergeist Ghost Ships (Kraken Bay)
Trail Bandit Northern Rock Plateau
Vale Walker Raider's Vail
Walker Guardian Ruined Watchtower (basement)


Name Location
Alligator Ruins of Seta
Charmtress Dreadlands
Dwarven Ninja Dwarven Mines
Gnoll Patrolman Fort Ellison
Piranha Northern Rock Plataue (river)
Pirate Islands in Kraken Bay
Pirate Ship Kraken Bay
Risen Wiken Graveyard