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Update Details #1

by NiteHawk on Thu May 24, 2018 2:12 pm
I'm still working on getting things out. Unfortunately the list got a little longer due to some changes in order to try to improve the quality of the community (swear filters, global chat, etc), but it's progressing. Here are some things being worked on right now:

Guild Halls
The guild halls are a pretty big thing I'm working on, and it's a bit more than I anticipated, but it's finally close to being complete. Guild halls have a simple system for now and have 8 levels of 'upgrades'. You'll start off with a simple 3 room guild hall, no storage, nothing interesting but a temple and a tavern, and then will progress into something similar to this:


The total space of vault room is 250 items per guild at max guild hall level. Each guild vault can be locked to specific ranks for depositing and withdrawing. There are other basic things such as a combat room, academia, store (for basic goods like soulbinding, etc) and other small bonuses. We might release more 'levels' as we see fit, but this is where it is going to be on release. The price per upgrade is unknown just yet, but I'll try to reveal it soon. It will be the first fairly large investment you'll have to do as a group.

Each room is customizable to whatever you want it to be: Image, description, title, and even minimap icons can be adjusted. This is also the same for premium houses too.

....Continued here

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Easter Time! Events and Bonuses!

by NiteHawk on Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:21 am
Easter time is once again here!

-Starting tomorrow until the Tuesday's reset we will have 10% XP/5% Gold bonus for all! (Not shown in /boost, but it's there!)
-Saturday/Sunday double PP events!
-Sunday will also have eggs spawning all around the world!
--You will have to /search all around to find them. Expect hundreds of eggs, which a low chance of getting a very 'interesting' egg.
--Eggs will spawn 3 times and you will be notified on Discord and in game when it occurs. (One spawn involves killing a NPC however for it to trigger, which again is announced.).
--New eggs have been added from last year!
-New command added on Sunday for all classes!

NOTE: XP/Gold scrolls DO stack with the above XP/Gold bonuses!

We hope to see you around this easter!

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Secondary Text Window

by NiteHawk on Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:00 pm
A nice secondary text window will be introduced next update. It is basic to start, and can't filter too much, but it can handle the current filtered messages and allow you to pick certain messages to be displayed, such as local chat, party chat, debuff messages, etc. Only one additional window is allowed.

Here is an example of how it works:

Pretty neat, right? This should allow you to capture key moments in the heat of battle without having to tab so much between chat windows. There may be additional changes so that you can also filter out chat messages on the Main tab at all, but no promises.

Eventually we'll have more sorts of filters such as attacks, attacks on self, etc. It isn't fully possible just yet as it requires editing all the messages and that is a big thing to do right now.

Hope you guys will enjoy it!

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Client Improvements/Global Ignore/One Account Per Person

by NiteHawk on Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:41 am
With the upcoming update, we are sliding people towards using one account and aiming to negate any factors that cause people to create secondary accounts bar trying to hold 200 character names without leveling them (Which in my honest opinion isn't fair!).

Let's talk about the most obvious change, the character login screen! Currently, you cannot sort via columns, however, you can add favorite characters to the list which will appear at the top of your character screen! As we continue I may or may not add custom sorting in this client, but for now it is sorted via name and should be a lot easier to manage than the previous client. The favorites list is a client side tweak though, so you will have to add favorites if you reinstall from fresh or use another computer.

We want to force people to use one account however. Sharing is up for debate but I think it should be stopped as well. We are adding some changes to resolve the need to share, such as a guild vault that only allows keys per city, a guild house, bumping the character limit per account higher, etc. It's not all set in stone yet but expect changes upcoming!


The second thing you can see is the loading bar. I am now pre-loading important files such as the skin layout, character images, and item files. This is kept in memory instead of being loaded from file each time and means that item/character rendering should be faster, and getting into the game shouldn't have a slow delay when you click connect and wait for the interface to pop up, meaning you should have little delay after everything is loaded. This has to only occur once per client startup, once it is loaded, it's loaded until you close down the client! I know this puts a little overhead but it will help slower computers and especially vault loading and other areas. Here is an example with a slower machine to simulate what some people experience vs the same machine with the new pre-loaded items.

You can see when I click via the red circle (not the yellow circle showing where the mouse is) when I hover over the vault (and the second vault even has more items to load!). The difference is fairly extreme though, and a welcome change, specially when premium vaults and guild key vaults will hold up to 100 items. You can also see the sneaky guild vault for keys button. Neato.


We are also aiming to release global ignore, which is a handy ignore system that is mostly handled client side, and most people should be happy about it. Virtually the server holds who you ignore, and then sends it too you on login. The best thing about it, it is ACCOUNT BASED! :popcorn: How grand is that?

One final note, there also may be premium memberships coming out, which will include houses! This is not a P2W model for weapons and other things like that, it's mostly cosmetics and other neat things that should be fun. I will post more about it when we are closer to release date.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

P.S. We'll try to have some methods of account merging so you guys don't have to do it one at a time. Will have more details later.

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Server outtages

by NiteHawk on Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:01 am
Hey guys!

First off I want to apologize for the downtime. For two days we have had issue after issue with our old server. The provider wasn't any better either with support and we decided to pack up and leave. We are now back online and should be stable after moving servers. Hopefully this server should be better, as it includes a lot more security and monitoring that we really needed.

For compensation, until the end of Sunday, we will have an 15% XP/Gold boost in effect! This is auto applied to NPCs on spawn and is not visible via /boost.

Thanks guys!