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Thief Event - Nov 18th to Dec 9th - Win Unique Prizes on Dec 15th!

by NiteHawk on Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:49 am
Hello guys!

We will have a Thief event going starting at downtime! This means for three weeks you will have 15% more experience, and 7.5% more gold while leveling or using a Thief! The event will end on December 9th! The experience and gold boosters are 24 hour boosters that can be viewed using /boost and will be reapplied each day.

Please remember these boosts will NOT stack with boost xp/gold scrolls! (Companion/Equippable items however will stack!)

After the boosting event is done, we will have three class specific events, Thief only. The events will take place on December 15th!:

5:00PM - 1vs1 TGC style event:
-No potions allowed, you will be healed before the fight.
-No quest items allowed.
-I will take as many as possible, Generally 16/24/etc.
-No double hiding.
-Winner will receive a unique item to thieves.

6:30PM (or after TGC) - Best Bandit:
-Rules as indicated here: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1456
-Expect more monsters/boosted monsters.
-PVE only!
-Winner will receive a unique item to thieves.

8PM (or after Best Bandit) - 2vs2 battles:
-No potions allowed, you will be healed before the fight.
-No quest items allowed.
-No double hiding.
-I will take as many as possible, Generally 16/24/etc.
-Winners will receive a unique item to thieves.


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Current Status and Upcoming - 09/23/18

by NiteHawk on Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:11 am
Hey folks! This is just a little update on what our current short goals are.

First off, Premium and the new community event boss. This has not been released due to trying to solve the crashes first. It's apparent that no crash boot system seems to be fixing this temporarily, and it's a needle in a haystack bug to sort out. The monsters aren't the cause for it anymore, as the big patch solved this, (and reason why crystal dragon is back), it's due to the players (though unaware). It will occur during higher activity events (So can still be caused when you fight the dragon/etc). I am working on resolving this FIRST before I release changes. It shouldn't take too long to come up with a solution.

We're going to try to stick with smaller updates again now that everything is synced up again. Most of the bugs in game have been resolved and soon as the crash issue is resolved or we have a way of ensuring the server is up all the time, I'll be working on the next phases with build. So we're pretty good on this front now.

What's next? Well, we're going to be working on two things:
-Things to do after level 25.
-Guild improvements (this one will be a slower process, but I'm listening to everything that's said on the forums/in game. Right now I have no exact say on what we're looking at doing yet)


'Things to do after level 25' - Professions
We're working on professions next. Some will go hand in hand with the guild improvements to benefit smaller groups, and some will be in the form of the new professions system.

The professions will most likely be split up into two groups, major and minor professions. Things such as disenchanting, making leathers, forging weapon, brewing potions, etc will be major professions. You can only take one or maybe two of these per character. They 'may' be based on stats too, but it's up in the air yet. Minor professions may or may not have a limit to how many you can pick. Professions like fishing and foraging would be minor professions. Anything that really involves collecting or minor impacts will be in this category. Professions will be most likely 'level' based per, so the better level in a profession, the more you can do.

We're hoping to add a whole trade market to the game using this system, but still allow it to be simple and easy to understand. We want to allow players who work really hard to get decent gear on their own, which I think is fair if they put the time into it. We could even allow improvements to currently existing game if we need and not just focus on creation.

Another thing to throw out, the prefix/suffix enchantments will probably also be part of this system as a major profession. It will be an interesting add!


We're also looking at releasing global embers after the professions too, but this will probably be mixed in with guild improvements too. Regardless of the way we go, I don't think it's fair if the current system existed and big guilds got the same bonuses a smaller guild would get, specially if X guild has 12 and Y guild has 4. I.E the bigger your guild, the less global bonus you'd get. I want these embers to have an IMPACT for smaller guilds and promote being smaller.


Anyways, that's all for now that gives you an idea on what's coming on our end in terms of gameplay enhancements. Enjoy

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Mystery Auction Complete!

by NiteHawk on Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:02 am
The Mystery Auction is complete. Items will be in your telegram boxes on the character you bid with. 14.7mil gold has been removed from the game. We'll try to run these more often in order to keep some gold flow down. Also working on other things too to help this.


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Mystery Auction - Round 2

by NiteHawk on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:44 pm
Second Mystery Auction boxes are up. This is mostly a randomly throw up while we finish up a couple other things that will be released soon! Rules are normal:

1. All items will be added to the auction system with 7 days and no buyout.
2. You can bid as much as you want. The highest bidders will win the item.
3. The items are unknown to you until you unwrap the mystery box. BLIND AUCTION.
4. If you don't like losing gold for a potential great item or junk, don't bid. It's that simple.
5. Many of these items won't be soulbound, so use them or store them. Weapons/Armors will be soulbound unless specified.

These are the items, in no real order:
-5% Ember Of Your Choice x3 - Pick a 5% ember of your choice from the basic divinities.
-Holy Ember - A holy ember has divinity against any monster with the Evil divinity. This ember has a 15% bonus to evil.
-Evil Ember - The evil divinity has a bonus to all basic divinities. This ember has a 3% bonus to fire/water/lightning/earth/night
-Amulet of Mana - The amulet of life grants 35MP for 180 days. (Item requires recharge afterwards.)
-Ring of Experience - 5% more experience per monster kill (stacks NP) - Does not drop and does not require SB.
-Ring of Wealth - 5% more gold per monster kill (stacks NP) - Does not drop and does not require SB.
-Manasteel Helmet - Radiant OAD Level 25 Heavy Helmet. Double edge sword: Removes 50HP and grants 100MP.
-Box of Lesser Infinity Experience x2 - This box generates 333k experience per day! You can claim the experience by using it. Stacks up to 30 days worth of experience. This item CANNOT be soulbound!
-Scroll of Experience x3 - 100mil - 100mil experience on use.
-Shard of Sorrows - +1min/+1max over Radiant OAD Level 25 Dagger. 15% extra damage to undead and demon but apon hitting either, will leech one life from you. 10% chance to poison dealing 15% of your damage in poison. Cannot be soulbound. Has a 2% drop chance if you die. (High risk, nice damage.) Equippable at level 20.
-Magical Waterskin - 80% Drink item. Good for 10000 drinks. Soulbound.
-Gold Heroic Coin x4 - 100PP

20 items total. No one, including myself knows whats in each box.

How to bid:

-Go to the auction hall.
-Type in Mystery Box in the 'search name' or simply search for a rarity of 'Artifact' as they are the only ones there.
-Bid away!

They all end at the exact same time. Good luck!

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by NiteHawk on Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:26 pm
The big update is finally here. Some things such as skills, knapsacks, etc are in but not release just yet. We will be working on releasing some fun things within the next couple weeks such as boots, gloves, knapsacks, and the crafting system.

I will be explaining some things more in depth on the boards in a little bit.

You can check the full development log here: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=2354&p=17411#p17411 .. It is just simply too big to even post or summertime here!