Halloween 2023 - Starting at Reset!

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Halloween 2023 - Starting at Reset!

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Oct 25, 2023 1:08 pm

Our annual Halloween event is here and will run for 10 days! (10/25 through 11/03)

Two new set collections have been added to the game! More details below!

15% XP and 7.5% Gold boost as well!

Event Summary

All the Halloween events take place in the Forest of Nox. The Forest of Nox can be found just east of Seamoor City, along the River Road and up above The Wooden Bridge. (jump in)

Daily quests are the main focus. These are an additional casual, vet, and hardcore quests that are Halloween themed and can be found in the Halloween area! Each daily quest completed will earn you a token (Dream Token). Once you have 21 tokens you can trade in for a purple set item of your choice! Everyone should have a chance to get something nice even if you do not get a set item!

There is also a daily boss called the Boogyman who can be found in the middle of the forest up above the Lake of Nox. This boss will alert everyone on discord when he spawns! This boss is PVE so everyone is encouraged to work together against the boss and share his great loot!

Special items called Noxshrooms can be found (mostly) in pumpkins. These items can teleport you to random areas inside the Forest of Nox from anywhere so be careful when you use them. There may also be some other uses for these items.

There is also something unknown out there...

Lastly, there are mini-bosses that usually spawn hourly. They are spread throughout the Forest of Nox.


Mini-bosses have a chance to drop unique pieces of equipment! There are three types of Pumpkins that also get dropped by various monsters. These pumpkins work like random "grab bags" for items so you never know what you are going to get! From rings to boots to novelty items and regular gear, the pumpkins can even hold special monsters that you will have to fight so beware!

Participate in daily quest events in the newly opened area to earn yourself one of three unique 'set' items! Each set has weapons, armors, and helmets to choose from which contain bonuses depending on which 'set' you pick! Once you have all three items, you will gain additional bonuses from your 'set'!

The event begins on October 25th at reset and ends on November 3rd: 10 days in which you can earn 3 tokens a day. You require at least 21 tokens to earn yourself the 'set' item (7 out of 10 days complete).

The five (two new!) sets you can get are as follows:

Offense Set
The offense set focuses on damage which boosts your strength and intelligence. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.8 strength and 0.8 intelligence!

Defense Set
The defense set focuses on survival which boosts your endurance, wisdom, and armor. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.6 endurance, 0.5 wisdom, and 10 armor!

Intangible Set
The intangible set focuses on speed which boosts your agility and lowers your exhaust time. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.6 agility and a -0.15 second reduction to exhaust time!

Brawler Set
The brawler set focuses on close range combat which boosts your strength and agility. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.5 strength and 0.5 agility!

Sorcery Set
The sorcery set focuses on spell power which boosts your intelligence and charisma. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.7 intelligence, 0.3 wisdom and 0.7 charisma!

Note on Set Items

You will gain one 'set' piece per completed event. The three events these set items can be gained are Halloween (now), Christmas, and Valentine's day (roughly). You will gain one 'set' piece for completing each event.

You can pick and choose which item you want. For example, it is okay to choose two weapons and a helmet! However, in order to gain the 'set' bonus, all items NEED to be from the SAME 'set'!

There may be more than 3 'set' items in the future. We intend on expanding this to 4 or 5 'set' items for an even bigger 'set' bonus!

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