Best Bandit Mondays 8pm Server Time

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Best Bandit Mondays 8pm Server Time

Postby Lateralus » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:35 am

This event will be thief / brigand only! The event is pretty simple the players who end up with the most gold will win the event.

I will warp all the thieves / brigands into the mosh area where they will be spread out on different squares and asked to hide. The event itself will last 10mins-15mins(random) during that time it will be your job to acquire as much gold as possible (I will give a 1min warning at the end). You will be stealing gold from npcs as well as your fellow thieves. At the end the player who gives me the most gold will win. This is where it gets interesting... You can choose to give me as much gold as you would like and keep the rest. Meaning if you think you won by quite a bit maybe keep 5k or so? If you are the last brigand standing feel free to give me 1 gold.

No Parties
Any level may join
You must come with no gold on you at all. (I may do a future version of this where you bring as much gold as you would like ;)
Must hide when i warp you in and No searching until I say go.
Pots allowed
Stealing from players / npcs
killing players / npcs
When there is 1min left I will give a warning you must head all the way south to the square I am on when you reach that square you can no longer kill or steal. If you are not on that square when time runs out you are DQ'd.

PP Awards: (Depending on players who show example here would be 10 players)
Most gold: 25
Second most gold: 15
third most gold: 10

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Re: Best Bandit

Postby Lateralus » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:32 pm

Event went really well I was happy to see thieves of all levels participate and enjoy the event!!!

*System Broadcast from Lateralus: thanks for the great turnout!!!
Our Best Bandit turned out to be Gold with 8658 gold earning (25pp).
Second best bandit was Drew with 3942 gold earning (15pp)
third place was Gangsta a level 21 thief with 2892 gold (10pp).

[06:26] *System Broadcast from Lateralus: Gold is this weeks Best Bandit with 17290 gold(25pp)! Gangsta moves up to second place with 4894 gold(15pp). Kale comes in a close third with 3789 gold(10pp).
[06:21] Gangsta gave you 4894 gold. (15pp)
[06:21] Fortune gave you 1208 gold.
[06:21] Urmim gave you 1 gold.
[06:21] Peruggia gave you 1648 gold.
[06:21] Kale gave you 3789 gold. (10pp).
[06:21] Corsair gave you 2578 gold.
[06:21] Gold gave you 17290 gold. (25pp).

[07:20] *System Broadcast from Lateralus: Gold once again takes the title of Best Bandit with 11824 gold (25pp). Peruggia comes in second with 7263 gold(15pp). Gangsta comes in third with 3076 gold (10pp)!

System Broadcast from Lateralus: Corsair wins this weeks Best Bandit with 14789 gold!

[07:23] *System Broadcast from Lateralus: once again Gold lives true to her name and wins Best Bandit: Gold gave you 17280 gold. Corsair gave you 10800 gold. Gangsta gave you 6942 gold.

[07:26] *System Broadcast from Lateralus: Bandit wins our Best Bandit this week! [07:19] Bandit gave you 9067 gold. [07:19] Corsair gave you 7016 gold. [07:19] Tonka gave you 2638 gold.

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