Class Mosh

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Class Mosh

Postby Whitestar » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:14 pm

Will be hosting a Class mosh.
This Event is meant for Max level Class. however if low numbers and equal(ish) sub 25 exceptions may be made.
Tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoons.

Class Event

Requires at least 8 players like FC (IE 9th page in won't be admitted until 12th pages in) 8, 12, and 16 player versions possible

First part of the event 1v1 FC style.
- Members will battle their matchups
- In the event of odd matchups the losing players get to fight each other for chance to return to fight the odd number.
- Finals will be best of 3. (win first 2 then third fight is not held)
Winner gets choice of Draft or Randomly selected Mosh.
If selects Draft, rights to pick first or pick second and third

Second part will be Mosh.
- All Players returned and placed into 2 teams
- Held on 4x4 mosh square[*1]

The Prestige Awards

Class FC Event
Each Round will award winner 1 Prestige Point

Final round winner receives 10 Prestige Points

Random Mosh Team.
Winning team receives 4 Prestige Points Per person.

If 1 member gets all kills on opponent then will be Team Hero and get 2 Bonus Prestige

The Rules
(May have further revisions based on Classes and need)

No Health Pots or Mana Pots
All Equipment
All Spells/abilities (unless noted)
Will be able to buff prior to the countdown, during the countdown or after the fight begins!
Hiders No remaining hidden during 1v1.
Bard No Healing Song during 1v1
Ranger If pet dies during 1v1 no resummon.
Healers (Minstrel, Priest, Guardian, Elder Druid) Only 2 successful heals per 1v1 fight.

If we have 10 Max level class players and 2 subclass players they may be allowed to join. they will receive no additional benefits or assistance during 1v1 fights. during Mosh they will be split between teams.

*1 Squares named out of bounds are "locked down" With Grimsnare and Trail Vipers do not enter them it's an automatic player disqual (no Mosh Prestige) to die from my pets and they will get you.

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