Automated Fight Club

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Automated Fight Club

Postby Aduka » Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:02 am

Hey All,

I have recently finished automating Fight Club and need to complete a series of tests of the logic before I turn it on. Over the next 3 days, starting at 8PM I will be hosting the bot to simulate what it would be like running on its own. If these tests go well I will have NiteHawk turn it on for Live. It is tentative to run every week at 10AM Wednesday & 8PM Thursday.

Some things to note:

The bot is unforgiving of cheating, therefore I feel it is important you know the follow:

Any attempt to hide on your last attack will result in immediate DQ.
Any attempt at healing more than twice will result in immediate DQ.
You will be dispelled, renewed, and regenerated at the beginning of each match.
There are no pots, no mana, no nothing.
It is quick and will not "pause" to wait for someone. It will continue, like a machine through the matches until someone wins. Be ready.

With that said, it is a pleasure to introduce my two new hobgoblins: Fighting Hobgoblin and Referee Hobgoblin. With the building of these two new creatures it should really open the doors to new projects with advanced functionality.



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Re: Automated Fight Club

Postby Aduka » Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:27 pm


Jr Mode has now been coded. We will not be allowing orange items in this event. We've also added in a new hide system which will unhide you after 3 seconds. We've also blocked healing after the initial two heals.

New Test Schedule:

Sunday: 25 Fight Club
Monday: Jr Fight Flub (No Oranges)

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