Blackspawn Ridge

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Blackspawn Ridge

Postby Aduka » Sun May 03, 2020 10:58 pm

Shortly after the first war it was agreed among the Blackspawn Forces that an encampment was needed to ensure the protection of their most prized treasures. The fortification of their borders became their driving forces to ensure the future of their pipeline. With this in mind, three of the commanding officers began building what would be known as Blackspawn Ridge. Harnessing the brute strength of druids and the twisted magics of sorcerers and necromancers, they build a tower that would be near impenetrable deep within what is known as the raiders vale.

Not a lot is known of the Blackspawn. What drives them? Why are they here? What is known is that until someone is able to crush their entry point into the lands of the Alderran Kingdom that they will not stop taking further control. It is said during the first war that mighty drakes, born of twisted magics cast upon the scales of the dragons, were used as weapons - driving mankind to the brink of extinction. It was sworn on the last days of the war that mankind would never use that level of force again.

Sadly, rumors have been heard in the local pubs that a vicious drake had been terrorizing the nearby villages, leaving behind a wake of destruction. They say that it takes what it wants and then vanishes into the ridge, taking back livestock and villagers as if it is hunting for something. While the true reasons may never be known, one thing is certain: you need to seek out the long lost hold and bring the lands back to order!

This is a new instance that will be added this week. Unlike previous content, this content uses aggro functionality. Aggro is a way of tracking player interactions that will cause monsters to fixate on a target. It will also cause monsters to do extra mechanics. I would suggest you consider this when fighting some of the bosses as it will prove incredibly important to your survival.

With that said I have added a new command in the rooms where these bosses are: /threat
This command will allow you to see where you are at in the threat tables and allow your party to react accordingly. I wish you all the best of luck!

~ Aduka

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