Level 50-70 Recipe Changes and Fishing Logic Improvements!

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Level 50-70 Recipe Changes and Fishing Logic Improvements!

Postby Aieron » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:42 am

Level 50-70 Recipe Changes for Armor, Weapon, and Jewelry Craft

I had a disagreement with Past Keith, and he lost.

The lvl25 Green tier wasn't properly requiring Rare materials despite the tier before it and the tier after it needing Rares. Originally, I converted the Rares, so you'd need more Greens to compensate for the lack of Rares, but it felt disjointed. It also made the 50-70 tier slower, so you should level in that tier a bit faster. Each recipe will now need 3 tier 2 Rare materials per craft.

Fishing Improvements

Zombeh improved the fish logic, and we can now adjust the difficulty, speed, # of failures, and fish attack delay. These changes might now be too noticeable at first, but it'll let us make the fish more interesting.

I've also started to add more fish bait. You can buy a Bait Box at Tools of the Trade in Alderra for 500g, which gives a chance at random bait. The types of bait we can do currently are:
    - Speed: Increases the time you have to react while fishing.
    - Attract: Increases the chance to catch a specific fish.
    - Chance: Increases the chance to catch good fish.

Thank you for being understanding during this period! We are actually quite happy with the results thus far apart from Alchemy leveling too fast. Personally, I appreciate all the feedback, and we've made quite a lot of changes from hearing the feedback. Also, huge shoutouts to Zombeh for his killer scripting work on the Fishing changes and everything else he does for us!

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