Ember Halloween 2018

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Ember Halloween 2018

Postby Lateralus » Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:29 pm

Ember Halloween 2018

General Info

-The area and its additions will be live starting Oct 27th at reset time until Nov. 3rd (7 days).
-There is a global bonus of 5% XP/Gold in effect for this time!
-All areas are returning and are no longer level locked (monsters have increased in level and power)
-All old bosses will be returning on shorter time spawns however lower item drops as well. (rewards will be mostly based on quests this year more info below)
-Added a new path, lake area and monsters to the halloween zone.

Dream Daily Quests

--9 new daily quests to complete (casual vet hardcore)
--4 casual on rotation
--4 vet on rotation
--1 hardcore daily
-You have a chance to complete 21 quests over the week!
-These quests are account bound however they can be completed and progressed by any character in the account.
-These quests give gold and exp just like the daily quests.
-The hardcore quests even give a Champion Mark!
-All quests give a dream token which is used to trade in for great rewards during and after the event!

Dream Token rewards

-You can craft any of the previous drops inside of the area as well as some new ones too! You can take a look at these crafts in the Seamoor market district.
-There are also quest reward for turning these tokens in (meaning the items rewarded can come as humming!)
-By completing quests and collecting 10 dream tokens you can turn in a reward for a blue unique weapon of your choice from the quest giver. (can come humming)
-By completing quests and collecting 15 dream tokens you can turn in a reward for a purple unique weapon of your choice from the quest giver. (can come humming)


As stated before all of last years bosses are there with some slight tweaks and lower spawn times. These rewards are however reduced to somewhat disincentive 1 guild controlling the drops in the area. Instead as stated before if you complete your daily quests you'll be able to each get a nice purple!

New bosses - The Boogeyman is about and is said to be found around the Lake of Nox. Be careful he can play tricks on the mind… you'll notice some new roaming bosses on the newly discovered lake of nox as well.


Again we are taking a new approach at loot for this event where doing your daily quests will for sure net you some nice loot, however there are still some surprises out there. Enchanted pumpkins have been found around the area as well. Rumor is they are full of goodies so collect them but open them at your own risk some could be rotten…

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Styx, Kruell, Tivrusky and Ackerman for getting everything going in such short time as well!

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