Skin Creation Contest

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Skin Creation Contest

Postby Lateralus » Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:08 pm

Skin Creation Contest

We are hosting a skin creation contest! The overall goal is to use these skins to not only make a more enjoyable game for you guys to look at and play, but to also use for advertising purposes to help attract new and old players.

This will also be a great way to earn some legendary quest points towards your legendary armor/weapons as well as some PP too!


The Contest will run for the whole month of April. (You have until april 30th to submit your skins)

You can submit up to 3 skins. Can win 2 times if you’re lucky. (You can still win community pick/reddit pick if you have already won two others)

Everyone (including staff) is allowed to participate.

Submit them to a zip file through email to with the subject ‘EMBER ONLINE SKIN - SKINNAME’.


Best Overall Skin - Overall Best Skin

Most professional - The skin that looks the most clean and professional.

Most technical - A revamped client. Move components around to improve on the current client interface.

Community Pick - Players from our community will pick on the forums

Reddit r/mud Community Pick - (The top 5 skins from our community pick will be posted to reddit where players outside of our community will pick).

Hawk and a select few staff will be picking the winners of the top 3 (Best Overall Skin, Most professional, Most technical)


Best Overall Skin - 200 Quest Points AND 100PP

Most professional - 200 Quest Points AND 50PP

Most technical - 200 Quest Points AND 50PP

Community Pick - 50 Quest Points AND 25PP

Reddit r/mud Community Pick - 50 Quest Points AND 25PP

**Everyone who puts effort into at least creating 1 Unique and Working skin will atleast get either some PP or legendary quest points (keep in mind you are helping the game as well).**

Getting Started

The best approach is using one of the base skins inside your ember folder. If you go this route PLEASE MAKE A COPY so you don't ruin your game install. (Navigate to C:/ProgramData/Ember Online/Interface (may be hidden), Copy the INI file in the Layout folder, and Copy the actual folder in the Skins folder.)

We will leave this forum open for questions and comments. GL and let us know if you have any questions.

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