Abuse & You

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Abuse & You

Postby NiteHawk » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:21 pm

I want to clarify this for everyone as there has been some questions on what is right and what is wrong when handling abuse issues.

In terms of 'our' jurisdiction, we handle issues that occur in the Ember Online game, the forums, and our discord public channel (not discord private chats or channels). It will not go past this. We only police things we can control and verify. Many platforms have their own ways of dealing with abuse. For example on Discord PMs you can ignore the person, and if you don't want random messages by players, you should enable under the 'Privacy & Safety': 'Allow direct messages from server members.'

When it comes to lite banter or screaming in PM, local areas, etc, please start using /ignore. I see that people don't use this, and it's silly. You are putting yourself in harms way for no reason. If someone bypasses this and PMs you past your ignore list, you come to us, we'll ban them (once the one account per person rule comes up it'll pretty much exploiting the game mechanics too which is a problem in my books!). When it comes to public chat, such as global chat or public discord, I don't want any garbage posted there, period. You will be muted or worse depending on your offense.

However, I have 0 tolerance for any racism remarks, LGBT directed at someone, or personal attacks. It's a no no, including anywhere in Ember Online. (PM, local chat, global chat, public discord, etc.)

We aren't going to ban people for basic banter, it happens in all games and in our game its EASILY AVOIDED WITH /IGNORE -- But, if a warden asks you to quit the banter for one reason or another and you don't, expect to be banned (within our jurisdiction of course). Every abuse issue can be different and will be based on the current circumstances that are presented to us (I understand that not even /ignore can solve it sometimes). If someone is constantly harassing tons of players and/or is just making the game unpleasant and we have to deal with issues constantly with said person, I will remove you from the game until you learn to play better. Consider it a warning.

And to restate, /ignore stops all chat from them, anywhere, on their WHOLE account. It's quite useful. If there are any over the top issues or problems as I've stated here, feel free to submit it here: viewforum.php?f=52 if no staffers are present. Most issues will be handled by wardens or myself unless it is urgent and needs to stop ASAP.

All staffers have been notified of this, and are aware on what I want handled vs not. Thanks.

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