A message from your lovely developer - Your character is fine!

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A message from your lovely developer - Your character is fine!

Postby NiteHawk » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:38 am

I'm just going to put this forward before this spreads as I believe 'fake news' is being thrown around.

We don't have hidden stats for your base stats, armor, etc. What is shown for your str, ac, etc is what you have. Bonus stats are FULLY RECALCULATED every time you login. This is for safety reasons in case an item is incorrect BUT also if we ever need to fix something, we can do so instantly with no hassle to anyone but a simple relog. You cannot 'reallocate/recreate' your character to fix an issue. (Which doesn't exist as again, no hidden stats for those to re-roll or fix that are saved, you'll literally be left with the same character you had.)

If there was an issue, it would be visible on the GUI (such as negative AC after equipping/unequipping something) as the GUI outputs what values the game is EXACTLY using for things like dodging, attacking, etc. This 'bug/issue' however would be fixable by relogging and not using the bugged item until we fix it. Racial/Class bonuses are ADDED AND CALCULATED every single time you go to do an action that uses it like dodging, it is not a stored sum value. (Aka you go to dodge, it will do a baseAGI+bonusAGI+racialAGI+classAGI, every-single-time.)

Again, this whole silly issue that equipping an item suddenly broke your character is 'not a thing' (I've even triple checked by outputting values on 'said' characters just in case!). You'll have bad days, you'll have good days, sometimes more so on one side or the other; But I ensure you, there is no tomfoolery here. Be careful of the bandwagon bais (cognitive bias): https://effectiviology.com/bandwagon/ and

P.S. You can actually see bonus stats on your main stats via hovering over the stat value and waiting a few seconds, aka: Image


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