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Postby NiteHawk » Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:42 am

-Charged items are now a thing. If they run out of charge they can still be used but will have reduced or no effects at all. You can recharge items at a prorated price at any magic shop and costs a small portion of the actual item price.

-All amulets have been converted to charged items.

-Wisdom no longer effects the duration of a negative effecting spell. We may have to add a higher difficulty on these spells penetration rate, but for now they are the same as all other spells (how they have been.)

-All buff/debuff spells now show in the persons look over, and will output to EVERYONE in the room when it wears off.

-All buff/debuff spells now have a unique sound effect when they wear off.

-Poison now acts like poison. It has a lower HP per tick loss and has a very long duration. Burn effects have a higher HP per tick, but a shorter duration (still more than what it was originally.).
--On ninjas and goblins, the poison effect is reduced largely. If you are both a goblin and a ninja, the effect is pretty much a couple rounds maximum.
--Any items, spells, or NPCs have also been adjusted.

-Crystal Dragon will be added shortly. Crimson Dragon will spawn earlier for now while Crystal Dragon will spawn more at peek times.

-Crafting system added.
--Crimson items can now be added and require 30 scales and 100k gold. (The capitol)
--With a new OAD release, certain rings can be created to benefit your character. (Dwarf city)

-As the above says, other garments will be added, starting with some rings.

-More amulets added such as stat amulets that grant a very TINY bonus. (Less than a full stat point.) There are also some neat effect amulets such as a autosneak bonus amulet, and a amulet that makes leveling harder, but gives you a XP bonus.

-Scroll of Life/Mana changed to actual equippable items. If you had these scrolls originally and used it on your character, let me know around what date so I can confirm it, and I will give you the new item. (You will lose the bonuses due to the reallocation).

-Race re-allocation added. All accounts on top of being able reallocate all their characters once, will be able to race reallocation on two characters of their liking.
--Race re-allocations do not remove any stat allocation points you have, giving you a second allocation if you need.
--Characters that have been transferred are not eligible to race re-allocation. I have reset the transfer flag on all characters, so no characters are marked as transferred currently.
--As soon as you do a racial re-allocation, you must stat re-allocate next.

-If you are forced to re-allocate, you do not have to remove your gear.

-You are moved to Seamoor automatically in any re-allocation.

-You can reallocate for free until level 19. After level 20 you will start to take a XP hit as normal.

-Quests now change from a YELLOW exclamation mark on the NPC to a GRAY exclamation mark if you have completed the quests. It will also be BLUE if you can do the quest but do not meet the requirements (such as level), and RED if you don't meet the requirements and never will be able too (such as class/race). Same happens in the text area as well. I.E. Eveyln (QUEST) will be colored. This will update on the fly.

-Quests now will state if you complete the quest line for that NPC or if they have another quest for you in the text as well.

-Quests now have a recommended player amount if it is needed. (It is added, but the quests won't display it until we edit them.)

-Several script functions added.

-Fix to /pfollow and /pattack bug.

-Zones added to room files. (In preparation for the zone capture system, read below.)

-Added a way to prevent attacking specific NPCs if they belong to you but are not in your party (I.E. Guild NPCs).

-Added a item way to get EXP or GOLD bonuses.

-You can now page staffers while being in a non page room.

-Added a couple new event staffer commands to help better validating players.

-/gapps can now be viewed by officers and up.

-Script added for temple healing. Healing now resolves burning and poison effects.

-Added a new movement that allows checking a specific requirement PER player. If the player is successfully moved, their NPC will follow if they have one. I.E. A gnome check that will move ALL GNOMES in the party... This will prevent party breaking as much as possible.

-/look and look function the same now. /attack and /a work as well.

-Added a recruit rank. This rank is the initial join rank and is below member rank. People with recruit rank cannot see the location of players. It may have other 'spy' prevention measures in the future as well.

-Added some basic server stats that reset monthly and display on connect.

-Damage per STR has been adjusted. Based on 22 STR, you'll have around -2/+2 damage per point lost/gained.

-Daggers have had -1 maximum. Will explain this further in another post.

-Neutral divinity is added and is selectable on a new character. Neutral divinity is not recommended for new players (and states so) because it has a 20% higher gold amount, and requires gold to temple, but can temple anywhere. Neutral divinity also will not benifit from any divinity bonuses on items or embers.

-Dying will give you a longer log off timer. The more you die in a row the longer it becomes. Switching accounts to get around this is a bannable offense!

Capture System
--/gzones will display your current owned zones.
--Currently, you can only capture zones and not cities. Zones are typically groups of areas unless the area is big enough.
--A zone is captured by killing the control crystal. The crystal has 25000HP total (20000HP owned, 5000HP neutral.) A crystal that is not owned will be really easy to capture.
--A control crystal will heal after 2 minutes of not being attacked on it's own, or you can heal it yourself.
--When you capture an zone, the zone is secure for a minimum of 8 hours. You can capture a maximum of 3 zones (may be reduced to 2).
--If you own the control crystal, you will be warned when there is 25% HP left via a guild message.
--Cities will be different (will explain that when they are out, right now you cannot capture any city yet.)
--Control crystals can only be disbanded once they have spawned, and require an item that costs 2k if you wish to do it prematurely. The item is located at the capitol.

Client Changes
-The minimap now displays the area name at the top left. This can be changed to the zone name in your options if you feel, or you can remove it completely.

-Two new skins added that deal with people whom have issues with their eyes. The skins attempt to reduce eye strain by using colors that have a contrast of 4.5:1 to 6:1 (not to bright, not to dim.). One is a dark and similar version to our default skin, and the other is a light skin (white background with gray text).

-Notes added. You can scribble down some information that is saved on the go. These are tied to each character and saved locally. You can open it by CTRL+N or going to the menu (hitting alt) and selecting NOTES.

-Debuff sound added and can be disabled in the options.

-DPI no longer effects the window resulting in larger text that cannot be seen. If you want to size everything, simply size the window or change some settings in the options window.

-Some areas of the client are now partially skinned to prevent eye strain, but effect all skins.

-Text to Speech added but initially disabled. To enable, go to your options. You can use text to speech by selecting something with your mouse and hitting CTRL+SPACE. (For item/player descriptions you will have to hold down the mouse right now and hit CTRL+SPACE due to auto copy paste deselecting automatically.)

-The healthy colors for HP can now be skinned.

-Premium mode will now display if you have it (though does not do anything yet.)

-Quest color changes as the above states to make it easier to tell if the NPC has another quest or not.

Race/Class Changes
-Magic resistance has been adjusted heavily again:
--Class/Race MR bonuses are now 'set' bonuses rather than %. Many classes/races have had their bonuses removed in favor of a more stable bonus. MR without any bonuses starts at around 24 and goes up to around 64 now (20 wis). Elemental gets -4%, Goblin get 4%, Assassin gets -4%, Barbarian gets -8%, Paladin gets 4%, and Monk gets 8%. Rest are default. For example, if you are a Monk with 14 wis, you have a 40% dodge rate. With 8%, you have 48% dodge rate.
--A druid does not have MR loss out of morphed now, however, while in cat form, they lose 30% MR, in bear form they lose 15% MR of your final MR value. This is a multiplier, not a static add to prevent negative numbers. So if you had 64% MR, in cat form you would have 44.8% MR, and in bear you would have 54.4% MR.
--NPCs are easier to hit than Players, similar to how melee works.

-Race Stat Changes:
--Wisdom has been reduced by 2 in favor of balancing on all races. (Don't worry druids, your stats are similar.)
--HP formula has been adjusted.
--Current Stats as follows:
---DE: 20 22 18 20 18 18, 105 Allocation. 2HP per tick. 10% less fizzles. Infravision.
---Drake: 21 22 19 12 10 20, 102 Allocation. +4 Armor.
---Dwarf: 21 19 22 17 18 16, 105 Allocation. +6 Armor. 2HP per tick. Infravision. +10 less damage vs Spells.
---Elemental: 14 19 20 21 21 14, 105 Allocation. -4% Spell Resistance.
---Elf: 18 22 18 21 19 22, 106 Allocation. 40% less fizzles.
---Gnome: 16 21 17 23 20 20, 107 Allocation. 20% less fizzles.
---Goblin: 19 22 20 17 16 14, 103 Allocation. +4% Spell Resistance. Infravision. +10 less damage vs Spells.
---HE: 19 21 19 20 18 21, 105 Allocation. 15% less fizzles. Only +2 points for a bonus allocation.
---Halfling: 18 23 17 20 18 22, 105 Allocation. +1 agility while dodging.
---HO: 24 19 22 14 12 14, 101 Allocation. 4HP per tick. 10% cooldown modifier (potions/combat).
---Human: 20 20 20 20 18 20, 105 Allocation. 10% less fizzles. 15% cooldown modifier (potions/combat). Only +2 points for a bonus allocation.
---Saurian: 22 22 18 14 12 14, 100 Allocation. +2 Armor.

-Class Changes:
-AGI bonuses now are static rather then multiplied for easier understanding.
---1.25 AGI more while attacking.
---/taunt now starts at around 5% with 10 charisma, and scales all the way up to 15% with 22 charisma. (23 charisma is close to 16%). This effect is doubled against NPCs, so you can get something around 30-32% damage reduction with 22-23 charisma.

---Blind no longer reverse hits you if the person is already blinded.
---Zombies are now a little more stronger.
---Zombies will heal themselves with their successful attacks. If they are fully healed, the healing effect will go to you.
---If zombies get the killing blow, they will devour the target, healing for 20% HP of whatever they killed. As the above, if they are healed, the healing will transfer over to you.
---Necromancers now have a SLOW spell. It is based on INT but the average is around -1 second. Haste counters this (removes it if you cast haste) and prevents it from being cast on you.
---Wither now removes a few % of spell resistance on top of it's other effects now, making it easier to hit the target a small amount.
---Rot has a lower HP per tick but has a very long duration. This was mainly for PVP combat reasons, as a spam healer will WASTE heals on targets if they are not careful due to this, or have to waste a spell remedying the target.
---Leech was slightly altered to leech a little more. This was already in effect, just forgot to announce it awhile back.

---Imp spell at level 1. This is a weak pet with not much taunt, but should help on their first few levels.
---Adjusted durations for spells. (Little higher).

---2 AGI more while dodging.
---8% more MR resistance (an added bonus, not multiplied).

---As stated above, they do not lose MR now while unmorphed. They will lose MR while morphed however, more in cat form, less in bear.
---Druid AGI/STR calculations have been slightly adjusted per WIS point.
---Roar now grants a small bonus to damage reduction, similar to taunt (1/3rd the value. More with NPCs as taunt is.)

---No longer loses MR for being a cleric as the spell resistance formula was adjusted.

---4% more MR resistance. (again, added.)

---Healing spells have been altered to have a slightly greater effect per INT point.
---Remedy now heals burns (for now.).

---1.25 set AGI less while dodging rather than % based. (this was already in, but as a percentage, around this value.)

---Jagged arrows raised to 20% change to deal critical damage. All arrows below that scale accordingly.
---Slight fixes to the capture system.

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