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Postby NiteHawk » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:48 am

-Attempted to dumb proof the account buttons in the account manager, which includes additional requirements to delete. 8) 8)
-/calc actually works like a proper calculator and has more support, including parenthesis. Type /calc for info (I.E. /calc (2*2)-2)
-Spell not found should display now (srsly).
-Attempted to fix a server crash from occurring, still needs more tests!
-Removing entities doesn't tie up the server every time it runs which should increase performance a little. (If there's a problem with this I"ll have to revert).
-Broadcasts ignore the /ignore setting. (just in case)
-When leveling up it will claim you gain FOCUS POINTS not MANA POINTS on a knight.
-Focus points no longer automatically gain with effects that will 'raise MP'. (Let me know if anyone catches any more issues with this!)
-Small adjustment to the focus point bar to hopefully solve minor issues client side.
-Facebook posting should work again shortly (waiting on permissions to be approved.)
-Soulbound items that are not yours cannot be trashed or sold by you.
-Fixed charge time having a maximum cost 'amount', based on the total amount of charge days it starts with. (I.E. if you didnt' charge an item for 999 days even though it only had 30 days of charge, it would try to recharge price for 999 days! Uncool!)
-Quick Descriptions are ENABLED by default. You can disable this in your by hitting 'ALT' then going to 'Server Options' area. (Helps server load to have on!)

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