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Postby NiteHawk » Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:16 pm

-Password on merging accounts is now asterisk censored.
-Account bound items should now transfer on merging. However, you still need to transfer gold/vault items manually.
-Deleting your account should work now. If you deleted your account within the last couple days please double check to see it's deleted. Characters that are floating without an account will be deleted (Had an error so will be doing this manually.)
-Added a couple new item options
-Emotes are now ignored if you use them and are ignored by the player.
-The server now processes 5 deleted/renamed characters at a time. Originally it was attempting to do them all at once causing 100% cpu which could hurt the server, even though they were low priority on cpu cycles. This will increase the time until a character name can be used again by a few minutes. I'm aiming to make this a outside process soon as you can't delete/transfer characters 30 minutes or lower of a server restart. (Simply takes way to long to process through all characters/vaults/etc to remove their items.)
-Few minor bugs fixed for the release of premium.

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