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Postby NiteHawk » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:41 pm

-The decay timer updates properly when it's removing now. (Before it only updated erratically, often you'd not notice this but it was just an issue with pushing messages to the client.)
-Decay for potions has been decreased from 3% to 2%. (This means more potions during fights.)
-Decay max is 80%. Before it was going past 100% and literally making potions heal you for negative amounts or just plain pointless amounts. (woops!)
-Decay penalty time removal from max decay is set properly now as well, which is around 36-40 seconds. (I.E. From max 80% decay to 0% decay when out of combat = 36-40 seconds.) It was around ~60 seconds before due to a fail on the max decay rate (the bug above) and now should function around the same as heal spell decay removal. This is generally about 1 minute with the PVP timer with full heal or potion decay (as it should be right now.)

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