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Postby NiteHawk » Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:47 am

-TOS HAS BEEN UPDATED. As well, clicking the TOS button in game should stop it flashing now, so it's useful to click and read!
-When a player dies while in a guild, it will show the area they died in unless they are suppressing their location, in which "Supressed" will be shown.
-Guild now sees when someone kills a player and their killed location, regardless of suppression (TOS purposes generally.)
-NPCs should no longer just 'appear' in rooms via moving back to their original square if a player is in the room as well. (This is not to do with death respawning, this occurs when an NPC has moved from his spawning location and after X time, he will move back to his original spawning location.)
-Spawning pets no longer trigger a combat timer (Sorry about his necromancers!) Necros/etc should be able to spawn properly out of combat.
-Player NPCs should attack under level 16 in areas where they can now (arenas, key areas, game room, etc).

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