Changes (June 16th)

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Postby NiteHawk » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:01 pm

-You can no longer hold down function keys (F1/etc) to make them spam the server. This was changed for server spam/lag reasons. Each time you want to fire the function key, you must click it.

-Modified the queue system for messages:
--You can no longer spam the server with an queue action queue. The maximum is 25 messages queued up that will run on your character. Any messages pas this WILL BE IGNORED. This means your client won't become unresponsive/send messages for minutes on end until your booted/etc. Hitting the 25 queued messages is only really possible if you really spam the server. Messages are pushed out of the server around 0.1-0.12s per message, so you'd need to be sending about 8-10 messages per SECOND to hit the maximum queue. It is about a 2.5s-3s queue maximum.
--Ping messages are now prioritized to prevent you from being booted, even if you keep the queue maxed out.
--Removed the timers in favor of the queue system here as well. This should allow a more 'stable' system and hopefully less lag from time to time. Please remember this doesn't have anything to do with network lag that can occur from the host provider but should keep your connection more stable now.

-Cure on druids/bards have been slightly increased. (You will see more if you have more int on druid and char on bards, it's not a huge amount but should help a bit. My 22 char bard went from 114 to 123 for example.) (This one is already in and is effective now.)

-All weapons and armors can now be affected by weapon bonuses! Not all weapons will be however (Dragon weapons for example don't need it as they have a special bonus already to all damage.)
--CM weapons NOW BENEFIT FROM THE 25% NPC BONUS FOR DAMAGING SPELLS! This means blast/beam/ray/smite/etc will do more damage. Certain things (like smite) may need to change, but we'll leave it for now.
--Some other weapons and armors have been modified to support the changes above. Some other weapons that did not need both physical and magical damage bonuses had their descriptions adjusted to show what actual bonus it is.

-Fixes to some issues with entering instances and it not saving properly.

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Re: Changes (June 16th)

Postby NiteHawk » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:26 am

-Fix with bug where auction hall would prevent you from sending data after opening it up.

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