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Postby NiteHawk » Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:50 am

-Adjusted control crystal system for more support (You won't notice anything different in game yet.)
-Removed 3 script functions as they weren't needed.
-Rooms/NPCs can now point to one script if needed to prevent redundancy scripts.
-Rooms/NPCs can now take a script argument in the actual room/npc file.
-Converted the concurrent variables to hashsets as it's not needed anymore due to the single thread adjustments. This should help speed wise with with calls to players/rooms.
-Adjusted lock target message so you understand the target is an actual set NPC, not the name of the NPC.
-Adjusted the initial load room. First time walking in a room still has a slight delay (as it has to load the room first time, may not be noticeable due to lag) however, after it is loaded, walking in the room a second time+ should be smoother due to less required checks now.
-Instances should respawn regular NPCs. It was not intended that nothing spawned afterwards (only unique NPCs should not respawn.)

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