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Postby NiteHawk » Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:36 pm

Server/Client Changes
-Factions added. Will be enabled soon as the script is done.
-Fixed a discord message for setting the 'discord secret'.
-Added two new script functions: A way for monsters to handle when players do actions in the same room and a way to handle if items can be equipped by someone through scripts.
-Fixed a bug when giving/removing maximum attacks via scripting.
-Added spell pierce modifiers for races.
-Added a method to be able to spawn friendly monsters outside of room spawning. (Currently if a staffer, script, etc spawn a monster, it'll be hostile regardless of the 'Friendly' flag.
-Fixed a bug instances that should ensure mobs spawn properly.
-Mobs will not drop invalid items (just in case check now.)
-/whoblock is account bound now and saves when you logout/login.
-/who visibility can be toggled directly on the account manager now at the bottom left, before you login.
-Fixed a exhausted time display bug on login that gave you the wrong 'exhaust time'. (Haste/Slow etc)
-When a character is reclaimed, the character that gets reclaimed cannot move on login until they rechange their name.
-When a quest item is now humming, it updates the inventory properly.
-Added a pick up delay for items, room based. (Aka any items in a room have a delay per item pickup.)
-Items that have RemoveOnMerge flag will no longer be transfered, even on merging.
-Fixed a bug where your character image on the account manager would be incorrect.
-Facebook accounts can now be deleted properly. (Please do so if you wanted to in the past!)
-Mirror room will no longer give you higher/lower HP than you have.
-Fixed discord messages so they display properly (Need to use >> << instead of >>> <<<).
-Fix to guild hall and pro-rated charges when you first buy the guild hall.
-Fixed a vault issue on guild halls where moving the item would only work on the top 50 rows.
-Adjustment to soulbound messages on lookover.
-NPCs that block your path no longer block your path 100% of the time. Instead, a dice will be rolled based on your agility vs their agility. Hiding and attempting to move will give you a bonus to moving. If you fail in any case, you will lose an attack and will be unhidden. NPCs with a rarity higher then 1 (key bosses/bosses/etc) will not let you leave the room however and you will fail 100% of the time. The more NPCs in a room, the harder it is to leave as each roll is individual! (It's best to kill if theres more then a couple mobs in the room, but regardless it's still very hard to leave, just not impossible anymore!)
-You must have full stamina to disband or appoint parties.
-Fixed a few bugs with locked rooms (such as gold locked rooms) taking gold but then not allowing you to pass because of a party member being invalid to continue (like an instance already run.)
-/n shows less details to prevent abuse with certain areas like mazes.
-Messageboxes should now be displayed centered to the game window and not the screen if possible.
-Archer now has recommended races on the character creation screen.
-Window should hopefully resize without locking up now. (Happens on rare occasions).
-Small text and bug fixes.
-Added ways to modify certain spells strength through items for future changes.
-Fixed a bug where the character account manager would hide behind another window when logging in.
-Fixes to buttons on the account manager when going back to it via another window (Re-allocation to account manager for example)

-Changes to the friend system:
--Friends no longer show the character they are on. You only see the account nickname and if they are online for anonymity. This should allow you to have friends outside of your current guild with less threat.
--You can now page them with /fpage or /fp and the account nickname that is online to chat with them. This is only accessable via friends to prevent abuse.
--Account nickname/Friend pages use %%% NickName %%%: Message as a format.

-Item Changes
--Many items like scrolls, traps, and embers can now be stacked!

-NPCs/Quest/Boss Changes
--Flame Salamander requires a blue/green sigil (only on the leader now, not everyone). This requires giving sister nel/brother dask the blue/green shards again, that are farmable outside of the OAD.
--Companions (Premium pets) have double HP and can resist a few more attacks.
--Tempest Dragon now gives a longer chance before using the 'instakill' attack. This should give you better time to 'protect' against it.
--Virulent Dragon has been released! No hints will be given this time however ;)
--Virulent items have a poison effect and sorcs/necros gain the spell 'blight'.

Race/Class Changes
-Druids get a free race change. Check your telegrams!
-Gnomes have been slightly changed and must re-allocated. This is forced before login.

-Race Changes
--Fae Added. THIS RACE IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL AND WILL BE MOST LIKELY CHANGED FOR BALANCE REASONS. Details on the race can be viewed here: and on the character creation screen.

---2.5% cooldown modifier boost for pots/food.
---Elves no longer fizzle spells. (0% fizzle modifier)

---Now get -1 allocation points.
---No longer gain a fizzle bonus.

---5% cooldown modifier boost for pots/food.
---60% less fizzling on spells.

---7.5% cooldown modifier boost for pots/food.
---20% less fizzling on spells.

---Negative effects such as sap or wither are reduced by 75%. (As an example, sapping normal targets for 4 strength would only sap a Dwarf for 1 strength.)

-Class Changes
---One new spell: Dispel added. Dispel on clerics only removes negative effects. Dispel can remove most but not all effects (poison/burn/etc will NOT be removed.)

---As said above, everyone gets a free race change once they login, check your telegrams.
---Two new spells: Dispel & Bloom. Druids dispel removes both negative and positive effects. Bloom is a group healing effect that can be cast out of combat. See above in clerics for more details on dispel.
---Roar (Taunt) is charisma based and has been reworked slightly to deal with lower charisma better. (Still below taunt but still very usable!)
---Haste bonus amount is now static and is not effected by charisma, only the weapon.
---Faeriefire no longer hard stops hiders. Instead, when cast, if they try to hide, they will have a chance to fumble the hide instead. The higher the charisma of the druid, the higher the fumble chance on the target once cast on them. Faeriefire also removes more armor as well than before.
---Morph takes 25 MP to cast, and both bear and cat form have been heavily adjusted:
---Cat Form: +1 attack. Low strength boost, moderate armor boost, high agility boost. Can inflict bleed on targets (more below). Can gain an extra attack after attacking (10% chance). 25% less spell resistance while in cat form.
----Bleed is agility based for chance. Bleed can only be removed with remedy but does remove fairly quick on it's own. A bleeding target loses HP at 1HP per tick and doesn't gain HP anymore via their passive HP regeneration. While bleed is effective, target will take 5% more physical damage on any physical hit.
---Bear Form: High strength boost, high armor boost, moderate endurance boost. 7.5% less spell resistance while in bear form.
----Bear form gains an additional chance to absorb some damage (20%-50%), which is based on endurance.
---Both cat/bear forms have been adjusted for stats. There is a chart here: https://i.imgur.com/VECCwRt.png .. Remember, Wisdom and Charisma are important now! Intelligence is only for searching now on druids.

---Gains +1.25 agility on attacking again.
---Smash removes much more intelligence on a successful hit. (The amount is still based on charisma). Smash effects also last longer.
---New ability: Slam. Slam reduces endurance on a successful hit. (The amount lost is based on charisma). Slam has an higher chance of landing successfully. (15% reduced defender agility chance in PVP, 30% reduced defender agility chance in PVE.)
---Strike chance to hit increased by +1. (Instead of '1.0 + ((Focus Points - 2) * 0.04167' it is now '1.0 + ((Focus Points - 1) * 0.04167').
---Gain 25% more shield AC on equip. (This results in more shield bashes if you go the shield route instead of two handed weapons.)

---Flash bombs and large flash bombs added. They hide your presence similar to fade does but have a faster wearoff effect. The large versions mask your whole party.
---New stances! You can now learn up to 3 stances. Stances modify your stats or give you a special attribute such as poison damage.
----Stance Names: Sun, Wind, Ocean, Moon, Blight, Mountain, Spirit, Mist. More will be explained in a seperate post on this change!

---Bindshot lasts for two turns and cannot be stacked.
---Drainshot amount has been increased and will now absorb more MP. It can also now be cast on NPCs for a few shots. (The more wisdom a NPC has, the more mana you'll get before they are drained.)
---Hailshot damage increased. Hits up to 5 max targets. Deals more damage on the first target hit and damage falls off with each consecutive target. Targets are randomized for order when attacking. (The order of the group being targetted is randomized then.)
---Sapshot is now more effective. On a successful hit, the target will lose more stats. Based on intelligence of the archer.

---Barrage deals slightly more damage. Barrage bypasses /protect and will deal slightly more damage on players that are being protected.
---Sorcerer hideout added. Has one way portals to travel around the world. Can only take themselves.

---No longer gain endurance with bone armor.

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