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Postby NiteHawk » Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:54 am

-New hitrate and dodgerate temp modifiers for items/spells/skills etc. (Including new script functions.)
-/pinfo added to display bonus hitrate/bonus dodgerate from any class/race/skills/spells/items/etc. Also fixed piercerate that was displayed here.
-Your food/mana should no longer be interrupted while casting buff spells (So you can eat food/cast buffs during it with no meal interruption.) If you are in combat still it will still reset the combat timer, but only if you are already in combat.
-Tab order for the account manager fixed. (Aka when you hit tab it had the wrong order.) When you open the account manager up the first thing selected is now the character list and you can use the arrow keys immediately to select a character too.
-Spells/Commands now have a way of being tracked by a NPC, even if they aren't cast on the NPC. This means for more unique monsters or tracking of specific events/etc.
-Spell: Dispel optimizations and fixes, should function better now.
-Spell: Fade adjusted. Instead of AGI/INT boost, you gain both +4 ATTACK AGILITY (not dodge), and +10% SPELL PIERCE CHANCE on the first attack. This means it cannot be used as a dodge booster now to run away/etc and only benefits striking someone for the first time. It also has been fixed for spells now and has a real purpose for magic casters. /PINFO displays the data while it's casted. Let me know if there are any issues otherwise.
-Fade reveals themselves before the attack on physical attacks now, the bonuses however still APPLY before the attack. Same goes for spells as well, though this was always the case for spells, just wanted consistency for messages and this was the easier route for now.
-Certain spells get checked on login to make sure theres no bugs/errors and removes flags if needed. For example a character that bugged out while hovering due to a script bug might be perma hovered. This will make sure the effect is valid on login and remove it if it is not.
-Flash Bombs work as they do now but when out of combat will give you +2 ATTACK AGILITY and 5% SPELL PIERCE CHANCE on use.

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