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Postby NiteHawk » Mon Sep 06, 2021 6:45 am

-Guardians stacking passive divinity damage bonus has been tweaked as it was a bit too powerful. Currently, the passive damage bonus stacks up to 5 times and has the following formula: (Strength - 9) * 0.18 BONUS % PER HIT. Up to a maximum of 5 times this. So for example, if you had 20 strength, you would do 1.98% more divinity damage per hit. And after 5 hits you would do a maximum of 9.9% more damage per hit. This damage buff would apply to anyone who has the same divinity as you as it's a divinity damage buff. This was a little high against 'everyone' and it made paladins a little too strong when dealing with against divinity.

--On divinity is STILL THE SAME. This means you'll still do the same 'max' diviinty damage after 5 hits.
--Neutral divinities (aka not for or against) will have 1/4 the gain of divinity damage after 5 hits.
--Against divinity will NO LONGER gain any divinity damage bonus.

This means, as an example:

Fire Paladin with 20 str:
Attacking Night Divinity:
(Strength - 9) * 0.18 = 1.98% more fire divinity damage per hit, up to 5 times (9.9%)
Attacking Neutral Divinities such as Lightning:
(Strength - 9) * 0.045 = 0.495% more fire divinity damage per hit, up to 5 times (2.475%)
Attacking Water Divinity:

Paladins are meant to punish the divinity they have a bonus on, which is more in line where it should be now.

Thank you!

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