Build Change Log - 9-19-18

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Build Change Log - 9-19-18

Postby Lateralus » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:25 pm

Changes / Updates

Eternal Tomb Changes
Spirit of Eternity now spawns much like ringleader about 1 ½ - 2 times a day (somewhat randomly). This is to give everyone a fair rotating chance at the boss instead of just figuring out spawn time.

To make this change work it means fallen will spawn a bit more often (more keys since you’ll need to be checking as its a lot more random now). Also some of the other npcs in the watchtower have a slight chance to drop a key as well.

Since the boss is now spawning about twice a day his drops have been cut accordingly but I have added about 3 new drops to it as well.

Fixed loophole - You can also no longer log off inside tomb and log back on and still be in there.

Travelers Pouch Adjustments
Added a new item to the pouch
Adjusted a few of the other drops in there so there was room in the loot table for the new item. (nothing more than 2% different in there)


Few room typos fixed

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