Build Change/Fix Log - 4-6-19

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Build Change/Fix Log - 4-6-19

Postby Lateralus » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:06 pm

Hot Fixes Notes – 2019, April 6th

Boss Changes
Captain Butcher
-Will now properly move as originally intended.
-33% Chance every 60 seconds.
Divine Elemental
-Boss will now correctly enforce KTP restrictions.
-No changes on warp intervals.
Archfiend Elemental
-Boss now will correctly enforce KTP restrictions.

Item Changes
Ranger Pet Weapons
-Removed spell penetration references. (No Longer Applicable)
Pet Fixes
-Addressed an issue that resulted in a broken pet when working with upgrades. Pets no longer will need to be re-summoned to function.
Gem Pouch
-No longer usable if inventory spaces do not exist.

Spawn Changes
Addressed an issue with certain NPC failing to spawn in Karnath mines. All spawns should now function properly.

NPC Changes
Removed all divinities & races from NPC in Crystal Smash.

Spelling/Grammar Changes
Adjusted Broadcast for Crystal Smash.

Room Changes
Addressed bug with hideouts that blocked pets from entering area. All pets should now follow owners.

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