The New Kraken (Feb. 7, 2022)

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The New Kraken (Feb. 7, 2022)

Postby Kruell » Mon Feb 07, 2022 4:34 am

Can't find the island? Wondering where all these monster fish have come from? Wondering why the sand bar got shifted around?

Kraken Bay has been hit by a very large Typhoon recently. While the town of Kraken avoided most of the damage, sand has been pushed up from the depths of the bay to form some new islands. Horrors from the ocean depths were pushed into the bay to find a new home. What's more, the pirates have been reinforced!

Kraken bay has undergone its long-awaited revamp
The bay has grown (much) larger. There are two new islands, and there are a whole host of new monsters. New quest givers and quest ranges to be found for more diverse leveling. Ghost ships are still floating around the bay, torn loose from their moorings but anchored now in deeper water. Rare monsters and surprises can be found by those who can figure out some of the secrets of the bay. Go out and enjoy some fishing... but beware of sharks.

Quest ranges are now 18 to 20 for Forgotten Coast, 20 to 23 has some new quest givers, and 23+ is still there but with some added flair.

Captains Butcher has been completely redone!
It no longer requires a Captain's Compass to enter. In fact, for right now the chests that appear at random times have been disabled... so you can stop hunting the 1000+ room area for them. Primed with traps, puzzles, and unique mechanics this instance should be a worthy challenge. The only hint that I can give people is simple... there are multiple possible end boss fights. This is a decent choose your poison end fight so enjoy.
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