Use the tools and a warning about harrassment

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Use the tools and a warning about harrassment

Postby NiteHawk » Thu Feb 16, 2023 6:02 pm

I made /ignore and /aignore work with emotes/chat/etc. However if you don't use it (either side) then it's really on you. As I said before once you've taken all the steps you can, anything beyond game mechanics (pvp/ds/stealing gold/etc) will be handled, but if no one takes steps to block then gets mad about an action that could have been avoided/blocked, I won't do anything about it.

I.E. I would consider continually giving 1 gold when they blocked you a form of harassment because they're doing it to bypass ignore and to harass to start drama, and I'd ban. (In that case you are obviously doing it to signify something, let's not pretend here.) Take that as a hint too on people doing it to be stupid (As in if they start taking it serious to ignore you and you keep with mechanics to bypass it, I will slam you down). But if you don't ignore, I don't deal, because 95% of people will get bored after being ignored. The rest I ban, starting with a month ban and will go upwards very fast. However, you can't get crapped on, then do the crapping and expect assistance. Doesn't matter if it's in forms of page spam, global, etc. If you want me to take it serious, you need to take it serious too and show that you don't want to talk to them/avoid. The I got to get the 'last word' on both sides is exhausting and silly.

Likewise global chat is not to be used as a outlet to craptalk each other. It was set to 5 minutes for a reason. If you get ignored, the first one will be a long warning of a few days, the second one will be perma. Thanks.

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