New Champs Marks Rewards and Details

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New Champs Marks Rewards and Details

Postby Lateralus » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:56 pm

7 Casual Quests: Level: 15, Exp reward: 200k, Gold Reward ~2k, Champs Marks: 1 (est time: 5-10mins)
7 Vet Quests: Level: 20, Exp reward: 2mil, Gold Reward ~3k, Champs Marks: 1 (est time: 15-20mins)
9 Hardcore Quests: Level: 23, Exp reward: 4mil, Gold Reward ~5k, Champs Marks: 2 (est time: 40-60mins)

Here is the current cost for rewards:

Champion's Marks Reward Item
1 1000 Gold Pouch
5 10% Experience Booster
5 5% Gold Booster
10 Life Essence
10 Energy Essence
15 Contender's Ring
15 2% Ember of your choice
25 Contender's Chest
30 3% Ember of your choice
35 Contender's Boots 3ac (green value)
35 Contenders's Gloves 3ac (green value)
40 Copper Heroic Coin
45 Scroll of Unbinding
50 Scroll of Experience - 25mil
75 Champion's Ring (8hp, 8mp)
80 Scroll of Experience - 50mil
100 Champion's Chest
120 Champion's Boots 6ac (+1 blue value)
120 Champion's Gloves 6ac (+1 blue value)
150 Champion's Sword (Account bound purple level 20, 25% damage against ALL npc (cannot unbind from account))
Champion's Staff
Champion's Dagger
Champion's Hammer
Champion's Bow
Champion's Longsword

I know I have gone over the rewards before as well but I wanted to touch on something I think may spice up the system a bit more as well are Mystery Chests.

Mystery Chests will be randomized loot with known odds. Here are the boxes as well as what they contain and their odds (these may change by launch but either way the odds will be posted so youll know your chances).

Chest Rewards:

Contender's Chest (Cost 25 Champ Marks)
10000 Gold Pouch 10%
Contender's Ring 15%
2% Ember of your choice 12%
Scroll of Experience - 10mil 13%
3% Ember of your choice 12%
Contender's Boots 10%
Contender's Gloves 10%
Copper Heroic Coin 10%
Silver Heroic Coin 5%
Contender's Badge 3%

Champion's Chest (Cost 100 Champ Marks)
Champion's Ring 25%
Scroll of Experience - 50mil 23%
Silver Heroic Coin 20%
Champion's Boots 12%
Champion's Gloves 12%
Gold Heroic Coin 5%
Champion's Badge 3%

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