Final item set available starting on March 1st Reset!

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Final item set available starting on March 1st Reset!

Postby NiteHawk » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:31 pm

The final set item is available starting tomorrow! Participate in daily quest events in Seamoor City to earn yourself another one of the three unique 'set' items! Each set has weapons, armors, and helmets to choose from which contain bonuses depending on which 'set' you pick! Once you have all three items, you will gain additional bonuses from your 'set'!

The event begins on March 1st at reset and ends on March 10th: 10 days in which you can earn 3 tokens a day. You require at least 21 tokens to earn yourself the 'set' item (7 out of 10 days complete).

Again: The three sets you can get are as follows:

Offense Set
The offense set focuses on damage which boosts your strength and intelligence. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.7 strength and 0.7 intelligence!

Defense Set
The defense set focuses on survival which boosts your endurance, wisdom, and armor. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.5 endurance, 0.5 wisdom, and 10 armor!

Intangible Set
The intangible set focuses on speed which boosts your agility and lowers your exhaust time. With three 'set' pieces, you will gain a total of 0.6 agility and -0.15 second reduction to exhaust time!


A final note

You can pick and choose which item you want. For example, it is okay to choose two weapons and a helmet! However, in order to gain the 'set' bonus, all items NEED to be from the SAME 'set'!

If you missed out on set items in the past, there may be events in the future to resolve this!

All monsters will drop items needed for the quest. Expired Foci 16-20, Living Focus will drop from level 21-25. The higher the level mob, the better chance of drop (level 20 for Foci and level 25 for Focus.)

There are two areas in Seamoor City that handle this event, so make sure you look around. (Talk to the NPCS in the World Event Center for details and on how to get the tokens each day).

Additional tokens can be sold, there will be no 'extra' items this time around. You will need to participate in at least 7 of the 10 days to earn the item!

Thanks to Kruell for setting this up! ;) Enjoy guys!

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