Changes (Monday 25th Reset)

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Postby NiteHawk » Mon Oct 25, 2021 4:39 am

-Blunt arrow works differently. Bonus damage would cause the NPC to die still so now instead of attempting to reduce damage, we flip a flag on the NPC telling it not to die if it's HP isn't 1. It should now have the same effect as before except work with any damage you inflict, regardless of bonus damage.

-Items should no lower effect the XP achievement unless specified to do so (So you won't get -200mil XP on orb usage woops!) If this happened to you let me know ASAP.

-Changed the divinity/npc race achievements again. The issue is that we didn't include newbies in saying level 16 or higher mobs, so wasn't so fair. Now the NPC needs to be to be at least 5 levels lower than you or higher. This means when you are level 25, the NPC needs to be at least level 20. When you are level 15, the NPC needs to be at least level 10, etc. No medals will be reset so don't worry.

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