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  • The targets of most actions can be spelt in full or partially. It is suggested you type at least three letters to prevent the accidental targeting of the wrong person/thing.
  • /help : Will bring up the main help menu.

Movement Commands

  • up, down, north, south, east, west : Moves your character in the indicated direction, if possible.
  • u, d, n, s, e, w : Shortcuts for the above. Note, there are only a few places where you will still see the in-between directions (ne, se, nw, sw) as they were removed to accommodate the Automap.
  • Number pad arrow keys : You can navigate through the map using the arrows on the number pad. North is up or 8, South is down or 2, West is left or 4 and East is right or 6, Up is 9 and Down is 3. You may have to enable this in your settings.
  • CTRL Arrow Keys: You can navigate through the map by using the arrow keys while holding down the CTRL key. You cannot have any text in the box for this option to work. You may have to enable this in your settings.

Communication Commands

  • /d NAME MESSAGE  : Directs a MESSAGE to a player who is in the same room as your character. (Adds their name in front of your message so everyone knows who you are talking to).
  • /p NAME MESSAGE : Sends Message to NAME, no matter what their location. The target receives the message with the name of the square you paged them from as well as your name.
  • /w NAME MESSAGE : Sends a private message the target. They must be in same room as your character.
  • ; MESSAGE : This will send the message into party chat.
  • ' MESSAGE : This will send the message into guild chat.
  • /helper : Toggles helper mode. This will allow you to get new player questions so you can assist them. If this mode is abused (i.e. you give grief to new players) you will be banned without warning.
  • /newbie :This will send a message to any helper online with a question you may have. This is NOT a chat channel. If a helper is online, they will help you as soon as possible!

Class Specific Commands

  • /exp : All classes can check to see how much experience the currently have, and how much experience they need for the next level, by using this command.

Spell Casters

  • c SPELL TARGET : All classes that can use magic cast in this way. Best to macro casting. You need the full spell name, but do not need the full target name (although be prepared to hit the wrong target if names are similar). Fizzle chance (spell failure) is based on INT and LVL (and in some cases race).
  • C SPELL : This is used if the spell can only affect you, or there is no target (Aegis and Golem are two examples).


  • /autosneak : This allows you to move around unseen. How many squares you can move before becoming exhausted (losing all your stamina) is determined by your INT and LVL (level).
  • /backstab "target" : This command only works while hidden and executes an attack command against the target. Use of this command is recommended when "queuing" attacks as it will not use stamina unless you are hidden. For instance, you can set a macro to /hide and another to /backstab "target". By alternating between the two you will attack the target once your cooldown is over without using an extra attack action by accident.
  • /hide : If you are a member of the Rogue classes, this command allows you to hide in the shadows of a room. You cannot be seen on the list of people in the room unless someone actively searches (/search) and locates you; the chance is based on the LVL and INT of both the searcher and hider. Most NPC's randomly search the area and usually find you eventually. Any action besides the /me command will reveal your presence to other players or NPC's. Attacking while hidden enables the BACKSTAB ability.
  • There is a delay between hiding and performing an attack that starts at 0.5 seconds. The more people in the room will increase this timer 0.05seconds per person. For example, 2 people in the room (not including yourself) is a 0.6s attack delay. If 12 people are in the room, your hide (delay) attack will be 1.1 seconds, etc. Being found out also has a hide delay penalty (little less impacting then the hide (delay) attack), so double hiding is still exists but you cannot just instant rehide. The formula for that is 0.5 + ((PlayersInRoom-5) * 0.05) where 0.5 is the lowest. Anything under 5 players will not effect you. 12 players would be 0.85 seconds rehide delay. The found delay does not effect PVE and you can rehide instantly.
  • /track : This will give you information of who has passed by this square (the amount of information revealed in based on level).


  • Barbarians have no special class commands so far.


  • /song # : This will have the bard start a song. 1= A health regeneration song, this is a good way to heal up all party members. 2= Power song, increases the STR of all party members (which means more physical damage). 3= Intelligence song, increases the INT of all party member (for increased spells effects and a variety of other things). You can change a song on the wing by re-entering the command, using a different song number. A song will drain 2 mana per tick and cost 5 mana per "casting". The effectiveness of a song is based on the quality of the instrument equipped and the Bards CHR.
  • /song : This will cancel a Bards song.
  • Bards are spell casters (see above)


  • /scribe bless : If you have a "blank scroll" in your possession and at least half your mana, you will create a scroll of bless (based on your divinity); the "blank scroll" is consumed on casting. Half your mana and all of your stamina will be drained. If you fizzle, you lose the scroll and will have no bless scroll. You will gain this ability at level 13.
  • /scribe soulbind : This is similar to the /scribe bless command. Except all of your mana is needed and consumed. You will gain this ability at 8th level.
  • Clerics are spell casters (see above).


  • /morph cat : At 10th level a druid gains the ability to change into a large feline (the type is based on your divinity - the only effects are cosmetic). The druid will have their physical power increased (STR and AGL). You can no longer cast spells while morphed. Being morphed costs 2 mana per tick and 10 mana per casting. This is an offensive form. This ability drains 1 stamina.
  • /morph bear : At 19th level the druid can also morph into a bear (again the type is determined by your divinity). STR, AGL and END is increased as well as resistances. They are not as offensive orientated as the cat forms (less STR increase); they are a defensive form. They also have a "roar" ability that is similar to the knights taunt ability (see below). This is based on CHR and increases the chance that the druid will be targeted by NPC's (does not have the damage reduction that a knights taunt has). Being morphed costs 2 mana per tick and 10 mana per casting. This ability drains 1 stamina.
  • /morph : This will change the druid back to his humanoid form.
  • /roar : This activates the bears form roar ability (see /morph bear above for info).
  • Druids are spell casters (see above) - remember that druids cannot cast magic while morphed.


  • /taunt : This is a CHR based ability. This will increase the chance that NPC's will attack the knight, and there is also a slight damage reduction (the knight will take less damage). This ability has a duration and drains 1 stamina.
  • /Smash will reduce INT and is charisma based for how long and how much. It also does 15% more damage. It takes 3 focus points.
  • /Strike is a straight up damage attack. It has a minimum requirement of 2 focus points and will use all your focus points on use. Each focus point is 10% more damage and also boosts your chance to hit (It would be something like (YOURAGI + ((Focus Points - 2) * 0.04167 * YOURAGI)).


  • /meditate : This ability is INT based. It gives a food like health regeneration effect (you need to be out of combat). This ability drains 1 stamina.


  • /reclaim : This command will "reclaim" your pet (in this case a zombie) so that you can re-summon it in another location (simply by casting the "undead" spell again). This is useful since pet cannot follow you into certain locations (cities and other "safe spots"), and you cannot cast the spell again if you already have your pet active.
  • Necromancers are spell casters (see above).


  • /protect NAME : This enables a paladin to protect the named being. All attacks aimed at what the paladin is protecting will instead target the paladin (useful for protecting weak/important classes such as sorcerer or cleric).
  • /scribe bless : as the Cleric ability.
  • Paladins are spell casters (see above).


  • /capture : This is used to try and capture a pet. The pet must be in "critical" condition (you can see a creatures state of health by looking over it - usually needs to be some kind of animal type monster). You can buy "Blunt Arrows" to help with capturing (you will be given a warning when the creature is critical - only one warning; if you fire again the creature will likely die). You will need to be carrying an "empty soul gem" (bought from the Rangers Camp). The chance of successfully taming a creature is based on your LVL and CHR vs the creatures LVL.
  • /pet : This will give you a list of commands for pet use.
  • /pet call : Calls an already tamed pet to you (cannot be used in safe spots).
  • /pet heal : This will heal your pet. It is INT based, drains 1 stamina per use and you will heal the pet more out of combat than in combat.
  • /pet info : This will show you your pets stats (including the effects from any gear you have equipped it with).
  • /pet release : This will release your pet back into the wild. It will be gone forever (including any gear you equipped it with). This command is usually used to replace an old pet, past its prime, with a younger more powerful pet. Life is cruel for faithful companions.
  • /track : See the Assassins ability above.
  • /reclaim : This command is similar to the Necromancer ability above, except the rangers pet can be almost any tameable animal you can find in the wilds.
  • /scribe identify : Creates a scroll to identify the first creature on current square. On use will indicate creature type, divinity, and capturable.


  • /scribe enchant : This is similar to the /scribe bless cleric command above. Except all of your mana is needed and consumed. The spell is available to buy at 10th level. The level of enchant starts of at "Dull" and the enchant level (and therefore enchant power) goes up by one for every 5 levels above level 10 you are (10th = Dull, 15th = soft, 20th = bright, 25th = brilliant).
  • /reclaim : This command is similar to the Necromancer ability above, except the sorcerers pet (and spell) is a "golem".
  • Sorcerers are spell casters (see above).


  • /steal NAME : A Thief ability in which you attempt to steal gold from person or NPC based on your AGL, and on the target's INT as well as the LVL of both the thief and victim. You gain experience based on the amount you rob from a NPC and its LVL. This command takes up an attack.
  • /autosneak : Same as the Assassins ability.
  • /hide : Same as the Assassins ability.
  • /backstab "target": Same as the Assassin's ability.

Action Commands

  • attack NAME : Launches an attack at the target using either your hands or whatever weapon you have equipped. You cannot attack in towns. This command takes up an attack.
  • a NAME : Shortcut for attack This command takes up an attack.
  • /get ITEM : Pick up an item that is laying on the ground. You do not need to type the full item name, and you must have room in your inventory.
  • /give PERSON ITEM/# : Gives the target an item from your inventory or an amount of gold. Item name must be spelled in full.
  • /search : Searches the area for any hidden player characters or for any objects out of the ordinary, i.e. hidden doors and items. This command takes up an attack.
  • /use ITEM : Uses the ITEM from your inventory. The full item name must be typed. i.e.. "use topaz potion"
  • /me TEXT : this flexible command allows you to create any action sentence starting with your name. Simply start the sentence with /me.
  • /pull ITEM : This is usually used for a map item (not for inventory items), such as: /pull lever (this will pull a level if there is any in the location).

Holding down SHIFT and using your scroll mouse wheel will cycle through the attack icons to the right.

CTRL+1 through CTRL+5 will cycle through the attack icons (CTRL+2 is the attack icon, CTRL + 3 is the spell 1 icon etc).

CTRL+8 through CTRL+0 to scroll through the item icons.

Guild Commands

  • /g: Shows members of the guild that are currently online.
  • /gc MESSAGE : Guild chat used to display a MESSAGE to all online guild members. Note that /gc can be replaced by a single apostrophe ( ' ).
  • /gcreate GUILDNAME: For a cost of 50,000 gold, creates a clan of name GUILDNAME, with you as clan leader. You must be in a bank for this to work.
  • /glist: If you are the proper rank it will show all members of the guild.
  • /ginvite NAME: Invites person NAME to join your guild. (Officer rank or higher)
  • /gjoin NAME : Confirms that you want to join the guild of the player who invited you. Automatically disbands you from your current guild, if any.
  • /gkick NAME : Removes (kicks) the target from your guild.
  • /gleave : Removes yourself from your current guild.
  • /gpromote NAME : Promotes a regular member to the rank of officer, and an officer to the rank of leader.
  • /gsetowner: This passes ownership of the guild to someone in the guild.
  • /gdemote NAME : Demotes members from their rank.
  • /gmotd : Displays the guild news.
  • /gsetmotd MESSAGE : Edits the guild news.
  • /gtax: Shows the amount of guild tax.
  • /gsettax AMOUNT: Set the amount of tax on gold earned through drops.(Must be done at the bank.)
  • /ggold: Shows the amount of gold in the guild coffers (this must be done at the bank.)
  • /gloc: This toggles whether your location is hidden from your clan.
  • /gapply GUILDNAME: Allows you to apply to a guild.
  • /gtop: lists the top three guilds (based on how many are active at the time the command was entered).

Party Commands

  • /invite NAME : Invites the target to join your party. If you are a member of a party but not the party leader (first person to /invite) you cannot /invite others.
  • /join : If you have been invited into a party, type "/join NAME" to accept and join the party.
  • /disband : Allows you to leave a party. If you are the party leader, this command dissolves the entire party.
  • /party : Displays a list of all players in your current party, their current and maximum health.
  • /pattack [On/Off] : A party command that is used to signal all NPC's in the party (i.e. tamed, charmed and summoned monsters) to attack anything that is not in the party. You can command one specific NPC in the party to follow/attack or halt following/attacking by right clicking on it's image on the right and selecting "Order" then the command that you want to give.
  • /pfollow [On/Off] : A party command that is used to make everyone in the party automatically follow the party leader when the leader moves to a new location.
  • /pc MESSAGE : Party chat used to display a MESSAGE to all party members. Note that /pc can be replaced by a semi-colon (;)
  • /pnopk [On/Off]: This is set to on by default. On does not allow you to accidentally PK members of your own party. When set to Off you are able to attack members of your party. This also protects pets and summoned creatures (golem etc).
  • /randparty : Randomly roll a party member name. Useful to random select a party member for loot.

Bank Commands

  • /balance: Shows the amount of gold in your banks vault.
  • /deposit [amount]: Deposits the amount of gold into your bank vault.
  • /depost [name]: Deposits the item into your bank vault.
  • /withdraw[amount]:Removes the amount of gold from your bank vault.
  • /withdraw[name]:Removes the item from your bank vault.
  • /list: Shows a list of items in your bank vault.

Holding the "shift" key while depositing will deposit all the gold you are carrying.

Holding the "shift" key while withdrawing will withdraw 1,000 gold from the bank.

Holding the "ctrl" key while withdrawing will withdraw 10,000 gold from the bank.

Store Commands

  • /buy ITEM : If you are in a shop, attempts to purchase ITEM. ITEM must be spelled out.
  • /sell ITEM : sells ITEM from your inventory if you are in a store that will buy the item. ITEM must be spelled out.

Holding the "shift" key while typing the appropriate command will buy/sell a full stack.

Holding the "ctrl" key while typing the appropriate command will buy/sell 5 of a stack.

Miscellaneous Commands

  • /who: Shows the current list of users online.
  • /news: Shows the server news.
  • /motd: Same as /news
  • /n: Shows the room number you are in.
  • /set [F1-F12] [Command] : Sets one of the macro key to a command.


Be careful not to override existing commands!

  • Alias allows you to create shortcut for often use commands such as spells, skills and even commands.
Command: /bp
Override: /use blood potion

Anytime you type /bp will run the command /use blood potion.

  • Alias will also take in an argument
Command: /heal
Override: c heal

/heal Nitehawk will translate to c heal Nitehawk