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This page is a dictionary of frequently used terminology and abbreviations for Ember Online.

This page is a work in progress.


OAD = Once a Day

  • Refers to items that can only be obtained once per day. These items are typically more rare and powerful than their store bought equivalent. The term once a day refers to the spawn rate of a mob that can or will drop an item.


  • Non-Player Cointrolled Character

Character Related Abreviations


  • Both terms mean the character that you play as.



  • This is short for Strength. Strength determines the damage of the character with physical attacks.


  • This is short for Agility. Agility determines your chance to dodge physical attacks and (for Thief) your chance of successfully robbing.


  • This is short for Endurance. Endurance determines how tough your character is. The higher this stat the more hit points per level you will gain. It also has a very minor physical damage reduction.


  • This is short for Intelligence. Intelligence affects your chance of casting a spell and the power that the spell will have and lowers your chance of fizzling when casting a spell. It is also your chance to successfully find a hidden character through /search. For Thieves and Assassins it increases how long they can /autosneak and their chance to remain hidden (/hide) when someone searches for them. Eventually it will also affect the chance for a thief to disarm a trap. It also increases your protection from someone/something trying to rob you.


  • This is short for Wisdom. Wisdom affects your magical resistance (reduces the effects of hostile magic). Wisdom also has an affect on your mana (magic points) pool (higher WIS means more mana for casting spells).


  • This is short for Charisma. This is an important stat for Bards (it affects their spell power and spell power) and Rangers (it affects how powerful their pet will be and their chance to tame an animal). High Charisma can also increase the amount of hit points and magic points the character will gain each level.


  • Short for hit points. The amount of damage you can take before dying. This increases with each level (higher END & CHR means higher HP a level).


  • Magic points. The more you have, the more spells you can cast. This increases with each level (higher WIS & CHR means higher MP a level).

Lvl Short for level. The higher your level the more powerful your character is (increased hit rate/dodge/damage - both physical and magical, increased HP, increased MP etc).


  • Experience. Refers to experience which is required to level a character up or the experience that the character currently has. XP is gained through quests and killing, harming or healing monsters (healing characters in non safe locations also give exp).

Area Abreviations

DL= Dreadlands

  • An area with an entrance at Fort Huldar. A popular levelling and farming area for characters at level 23+.

GY= Graveyard

  • An area just south of Wiken. A popular place to level for Paladins and Clerics (smite'able undead). Best for levels 18 - 22 (although clerics and paladins may stick around for longer due to the aforementioned smite'able undead).



  • Indicates the NPC monsters in the game that you can kill for gold and experience.


  • NPC aggression which is usually random, but can be drawn to one character using the Druid's roar skill or the knights taunt skill. Most pets (Ranger pets, Sorcerer Golems and Necromancer Zombies) tend to draw more aggro than players; so they will be hit more often.