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The waves lap carefully against the shore line, carrying the pinkish, seashell sand out to sea in their currents. Ocean spray rises from the more turbulent waves, bringing with it the smell of salt, of water, and a general feeling of peace as fish splash, whales breach, and crabs scuttle across the rocks. The occasional seagull squawks in the sky, dipping here and there to catch fish or crabs in their beaks.

The ocean goes still, as do all of the animals that call it home. A woman stands with the ocean gently lapping around her calves, her black hair flowing around her light brown skin as if submerged in the sea, and her eyes the crystal clear blue of the sea, soft and twinkling in bright midday sunlight. Her clothing is simple, made of shark skin, and leaves much of her skin bare, while ocean mist seems to have draped itself around her form like a cloak, a simple seashell necklace seeming to hold it together. The gentle sea waves leave a word upon your skin: Orasic…