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Miscellaneous Items

Items come in different colours (the text of the item). The colour is a rough guide on its power/importance:

  • Gray - items are junk. These either exist just to be vendor trash, or are used for quests.
  • White - items are usable in some way, so food, water, potions, or store bought equipment.
  • Green - items are uncommon. Gear that drops off from a standard NPC, as well as some that have a one hour spawn timer, are green.
  • Blue - items are rare. Gear that drops off from a rare NPC (those with longer spawn timers) will generally be blue.
  • Purple - items are elite. Purple gear almost exclusively drops off from a one-a-day monster.
  • Orange - items are legendary. These items will only drop off from a super boss, or quest relevant NPC.

Still WIP maybe.


The namesake of the game. Embers are fragments of extinguished mythical stones that give damage bonuses (on weapons) or reduce the damage taken (on armour/shield). There is an ember for every divinity in the game (earth, ice, fire, lightning, storm, night). They work the same way divinities would work on player vs player or PVE combat (Earth has a bonus against storm, and Storm would do reduced damage vs earth).

Divinitiess of embers give bonuses as follows: Earth --> Storm --> Ice --> Fire --> Night --> Earth.....

This means if you put an Earth ember on an armour, you would take less damage from storm divinity players/monsters attacking you. Likewise, if you put a Fire ember on your weapon, you would do increased damage to any night divinity.

Embers come in ranges of 1%, 2%, 3% and the fabled 4%. The likelihood of getting a higher % ember decreases quickly and most players tend to sell their 1% embers for the 1,000 gold they receive from vendors.

They can drop from monsters, and every monster drops only the embers of its own divinity.

You can only have ONE ember in each relevant piece of equipment (body armour, weapon and/or shield). You can replace an old ember with a new one, but you will lose the old ember (it will be overwritten by the new ember).

Neutral Divinity characters do not benefit (or suffer detriment) from embers.