The Bullies on the Block

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The Bullies on the Block

Postby BigTimer23 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:06 am

I joined Ember in hopes of finding a game that would make me feel the love and happiness that RoK made me feel as a kid. And NH did a great job with this game, yet after having chars in both Silhouette and rival guilds at the same time playing it low key. Not really becoming well known (I had 1 25er ) I noticed a trend. Silhouette mostly Eld, talk down to other players, always think they are right, and make people outside silhouette feel unwanted in this game. I saw things from this other guild is simple minded, stupid, losers, and a bunch of other disrespectful things in silhouettes guild chat, to people purposely trying to egg on individuals they know would get mad and then the silhouette member would play the victim. Now, on the other hand I am not saying the other guilds were innocent they also have a deep rooted hatred for silhouette. Which is why some of them even still play the game. I think letting Eld have free reign of calling people cancers to the game, cursing people out for pking him, and just over all being a fake person where he pretends to be nice but secretly is an asshole is hurting this game. You can say what you want, but I personally am no longer play and havent been for a couple weeks so it does not bother me what you have to say about this. I wish NH the best because he is a good guy and this game really has potential. But letting this one guild run rampant and run numerous people off will kill this game.

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Re: The Bullies on the Block

Postby Mort » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:19 am

I'd edit this man and take it to NH. It's the way it should be handled dirty laundry scares of more people then a scary guild will.

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Re: The Bullies on the Block

Postby ajcapone » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:30 am

This game is a community of people who enjoy the game. I think a lot of people in this game are good people, and rivalry is good. I can't speak for the things you might of heard in other guilds chats, but I do know that Eld has reached out to me in the past when things would get to far between players in both guilds and we would try and work together to smooth things over. I believe since the community is so small its easy for people to blame one another for being the bad guys or whatever. At the end of the day its groups of people playing together because they love playing this game. I loved this game for the last year and a half, it got me through boredom at work and staying home with my new born. With current things I know that seems like bs and thats fine. But this post didn't need to be posted now. And for any new players who see this or who are interested in this game, Please give the game a try first and see for yourself how great of a community it can be. Every family or community has its ups and downs, or its asshole uncle or mean cousin, but at the end of the day they still stick by each other. So, stop bashing one person in Eld or one guild. Try to become a part of the community before you make others not even give our community a chance.

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Re: The Bullies on the Block

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:13 pm

The issue stems from both sides. I've already talked to one side about it and we're dealing with it. However to say that the other party isn't baiting them and/or attacking them too is silly.

While we can talk to talk to both groups it doesn't address the hate in the community. That hate will kill the game if it continues on both sides to the point of being toxic as it did once before. It has a domino effect on the community. I agree with AJ though, a good response is to try to address it between yourselves too. If you guys actually took the time and sit down/hashed out issues then the community would benefit from it and you guys would have less problems as individuals. You guys are all adults right? :)

I'm not saying you have to hold hands and hug each other, but it's a game, and you guys should be at least semi civil.


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