Sharing & One Account Per Player Enforcement Incoming!

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Sharing & One Account Per Player Enforcement Incoming!

Postby NiteHawk » Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:39 am

First off, one account per person. This has been warned several times in the past, and the reason for being able to merge accounts/one account per email currently. We are going to be enforcing one account per player starting from December 15 2018, so in about a month. Please make sure you have deleted any unused accounts, and moved over any character you want. Anyone caught abusing this rule will be banned and face characters and/or accounts being deleted from the server as punishment.

Without premium, even 50 characters should be ample space to store your goodies. If not, support the game with premium and upgrade your player slots, global vault slots, and house vaults. Otherwise start learning to use the auction hall, it's there for a reason!

There are too many account bound dependent mechanics in the game now, and it's the only real way of tracking things as IP/Computers are easily changeable now. On top of that people are abusing saving 500 names to never be used. It's goofy. You shouldn't be keeping unused names for no reason.


Second, sharing accounts. This will also not be allowed starting December 15 2018. YOU should be the sole owner of your account and you only. We have given many options for guild sharing (key vaults, guild halls, etc) and we'll continue to expand that, but sharing accounts will not be allowed anymore. There have been FAR to many issues of people stealing things from each other and it's impossible to track, specially when bans are in the mix.

I understand that some people share legitimately, and some people may have no time so they share with friends, but you'll need to find another way to deal with it. Level up a character for your friends with no time and transfer it, buy a character for them, have a character leveled for them, etc. There are many options, and characters SHOULD BE YOUR OWN, PERIOD. I don't know of many games that allow sharing to the extend we have done, and for good reason. Just because your friend doesn't play enough but you do isn't a excuse.

Trading characters is perfectly fine, but you should start setting up your own characters so that your account is your own.


If you have other accounts that aren't yours for some reason or another (I.E. they gave it to you before they quit) either transfer the characters to your account, or give them back the account and have them change the password.

I am going to be very hard on you if you abuse these two rules, and you will face ban time and/or some characters being deleted. Repeat offenders will have their whole account deleted. You have been warned.

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