Fully Automated Crystal Smash

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Fully Automated Crystal Smash

Postby Lateralus » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:37 pm

Thanks to the hard work of our new scripter Philosopher (and Ackerman for writing the base event).

We now have the first of hopefully many fully automated events.

What this means is these events will be ran without the need for me or the other event staffers and will Always be at the set time. This means you guys can plan on being on at this time which should mean better numbers.

Starting tomorrow we will be trying this out. Now this is new so there could be a few hiccups but I’ll be there on my staff character to watch it over the first few times.

Here are the set events and times (all server time) as of now.

Times: Monday - 8am, Wednesday - 12pm (noon), Friday - 4pm , Saturday - 8pm.
Mode: Monday - PvE, Wednesday - PvE, Friday - PvP,Saturday - PvE

So again this is new we are trying it out there will prob need to be adjustments but here are the plans so far.

Also will look at getting an event calendar setup on forums as well as a command for ingame that might bring that up if you don’t use the forums.

Thanks again to the scripters for making this happen.

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