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Main Page

Welcome to the Ember Online Wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to provide information about the races, classes, areas and items of Ember Online , as well as to provide tips and guidance for its players. Any unrelated material will be removed.

The game is currently in the development phase so any information found here is subject to change.

General Information

Game Content

  • Bestiary - Information on monsters and NPCs.
  • Races - Information about all the races.
  • Classes - Information about all the classes.
  • Spells - Information about all the spells.
  • Skills - Information about the various skills.
  • Equipment - Basic information on available equipment
  • Uncommon Equipment - Basic information on uncommon equipment
  • Miscellaneous Items - Basic information on items you can buy from the shops or are dropped by creatures on their death.
  • Quests - This is a list of all the Quests available.
  • World Bosses - Basic info on the various world bosses that spawn throughout the day.
  • Instances - A list of the instanced dungeons in game, and their mechanics (WIP)

Special Game Info

Game Backbone

(Mostly used by Staff)

  • Building - Information on how to build and script.